Famous television Actress says that if the organizations will not increase the wages of artists and musicians within 15 days, they will knock the doors of courts for their rights. She says that artists are being given least facilities.

Targeting the Pakistan’s first television network Kanwal says that PTV has ended the royalty of artist and on other it has neglected the senior artists. She says in PTV the the grand musical programs are being paid the form of cash but the drama artists have to come again and again and then they are rewarded with bank checks. She further said that no housing society is ever developed for artists.

Kanwal along with actress Nadia Muneer and Razia Malik says that if the concern authorities won’t increase the wages of artists they will go to court. She also said that now the production is shifted to Karachi so artists from Karachi are being preferred, all the artists must be included from all over the country.