• sadaf

    zabardast,,,awesome work review it…..|i like ur work.

    • nida_zaidi

      Thank you so much Sadaf :)
      Its always a pleasure to get appreciated for the work which is actually done to keep the readers like you, entertained, and updated!

  • NKT

    thank u. nice pix.where is fawad khan pix? did he perform any dance or anything in the function?

    • nida_zaidi

      I saw one of his in black suit but it has copyrights so I didnt share. Yes he sung as far as I know

      • assd

        reallyyyy?????????????? i hope its true:)

  • fatima samad

    wheres sheharyar munawwar?

  • Xenia

    urwa , zalay and gia's wardrobe?!!!!!!!!!! what were they thinking:)
    love amna sheikh's sari:)

  • seema taimoor

    Aowsome work ,keep it up (y)

    • nida_zaidi

      Tthanks Seema :)

  • shahid

    nida zaidi, out standing work!! this is called the whole scenario in just few pictures

  • Oraashi

    Everybody has a scorn on face as if they are walking oscars red carpet. When they are not even close to that.i hate wanna bees. I wish that rather then having a bad drag show imitating oscars they come up with something new and more in line with our culture. But no they think they r better than Angelina Jolie and more. And I hate Fahd mustafa so overrated and vulgar. Not gonna watch at all

    • Elina

      Alright i'm gonna watch it? If you'd ask me, I think pkstni actresses r more beautiful than the ones in oscar awards….somehow

  • hony khan

    Enter text right here!its all very nice

  • hurriya

    ahan nyce pics

  • zunaira

    Great Pictures. Nice work :)

  • barbiebarbie

    kia sanam baloch nhi aye award show men

  • Elina

    Nida zaidi i know it mustave been hard to acquire these pics.. But thank you sooo much for uploading them.
    All the pics are so wonderful and hq
    Love it!

  • ahmed

    new era of vulgarity has started in pakistan and another carbon copy of Indian culture , thank you india you will lead us to destruction of Muslim culture and away from religion.

    • sara

      u r absolutely right. i agree with u.

    • Aamna

      And people are trying really hard to get into this filthy culture of india and this way to look beautiful lol… I have seen at many places where now girls don't used to wear dupatta.

  • Huma

    Keea kahoon pata hee nahee chal raha kay yay sub hindo haen ya muslims.sonia gandhee is right,indian media nay hamaree bunyadaen itnee kamzoor kardee haen kay sirf eik kamzor say dhakkay kee zaroorat hay.dua karaen yay dhakka lagnay say pehlay hee hum allah rabbul izzat kee taraf palat jaen.allah talah hum sub ko hidayat dey,abhee bhee waqt hay allah kee taraf palatnay ka.

  • name

    hell where is my comment

  • jiya

    love u all

  • Faheem Baig

    Nida Zaidi..please tell me what is Islamic Culture…..will you please tell me???