Famous television actress Naheeb Shabbir Nikkah with Aamir Mirza was held on 16th January in Karachi. From the last few years her fans were waiting to see her wedding But Naheed Shabbir wanted to marry after her sisters’ marriage. She didn’t marry till her sisters got married.

Talking with media Naheed Shabbir said that Aamir Mirza is a very good person. She said that Nikkah has been taken place and after few time Wedding ceremony will be held in Karachi. Naheed family and relatives attended the Nikkah ceremony.


Naheed Shabbir has acted in many famous dramas like Haseena Moin’s Ik Naye Morr Par, Haider Imam Rizvi’s Chand Chehra, Javed Fazil’s Be Zuban. Naheed Shabbir was born in 1979 and she wanted to become school teacher. She was teacher in school for three years. Naheed is the youngest sister among 11 siblings.


Ahsan Ejaz