Reema Khan Is Pregnant – Expecting A Child

Pakistan’s one of the most famous actress Reema Khan is pregnant and now she is expecting a child. Reema Khan told to media that she is expecting a child and she is very excited on this good news. Reema further said that she wants her first child to baby boy and then she wants baby girl.


Reema Khan wedding ceremony was held on 18th November 2011 in America and after that she is now living in US. Her husband Mr. Tariq Shahab is heart surgeon. Reema Khan received BMW car and house worth 100 million Rupees from her mother-in-law. Reema Khan Walima reception in Pakistan was held on 26th May, 2012 and returned to US on 31st December.

There were also reports in March of this year that Reema Khan was expecting a child. Reema also met US President Barack Obama in White House in a reception.


Ahsan Ejaz

  • ali

    she met barack obama ? any connection with pregnancy 😮

    • Genius

      lolz Obama koi fertility doctor bhi hai kya?

    • Amber

      lol that was funny

  • shazia

    reception on 25/05 & returned to US on 31/12 ? r u ok reporter ?? today is 30/12 !

    • asha

      read the above text carefully 31/12 of 2011

  • Syed

    Reema and Dr tariq ko obama nay koi alag ya specialy invite nahi kiya tha , balkay white house ki taraf se tamam Behtreen And reputed Doctors ko dinner diya gaya tha uss may ye couple bhi shamil tha , kam se kam info tu sahi dain

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  • sehar

    the most successful prostitute of red light area. hats off to her.

  • Seema Shah

    Congratulations to Reema Khan.


    congratulation REEMA KHAN.I MVERY HAPPY.

  • Fahad

    Sehar how fealty can u talk.wer u there with her.hav some respect.

  • hassi

    shez still looking like a barbie doll really .. aj say 20 saaal pehlay be aise the …. yeh khatti kia hen yarrr……

    • Dolly

      surgeries and botox karati hai!

    • spark

      Angro Urea

  • Afridi

    No matter how educated a Pakistani gets you can't change their dirty mentality. Read the damn article she got married then got pregnant. Give respect to a Pakistani icon just cause she didn't give u time of the day don't mean you gotta hate on her.

  • Sag shah

    Hey guys what happened to her pregnancy??? I saw her in Nida' morning show but she never discussed about her child… even though she went on saying she will post her pics during that period too… any news????

  • jannat

    Congratulations to Reema!! and to people who have nothing good to say "get a life and keep your mouths shut if you have nothing better to say"

  • nabeela

    Reema is not pregnant I met her once at a local restaurant. She is too old to produce now. The woman is 46 years old and going through menopause .