Remake of Old Pakistani Movie Armaan With Fawad Khan & Amina Sheikh

Armaan, Remake of An Old Pakistani Movie Starring Fawad Khan And Aamina Sheikh. Directed By: Anjum Shehzad.

News About The Film Published In A Newspaper :-








Ahsan Ejaz

  • esha

    in lahore ??!!!
    which school ?
    st. anthony ??

  • samar

    koi or khobsurat heroin lena chahey zeba tu bohat haseen thi amina tu muhab ksath he thek lagti he an ordinary couple



    • sadiqian

      bilkul amna shaikh suitable nhi hai fawad k sath

  • Lubna rashid

    Good cast although amina sheikh may not b so pretty but shes a good actress,fawad khan has guts to perform any type of roles so lets hope to see a good drama soooonnnnn.

  • princess azka

    amna sheikh is not suitable with fawad………..

  • mrs faisal

    Plz plz change heroin she is not good n preety

  • maimonA TABANI

    fawad k sath mahira khan honi chaye

  • gul

    mere khayal main sanam baloch ziada achi lagay g she will be very best choice if u have any confuusion about this i plz open ur eyes ak maratba dastan drama sahi say dekhain

    • maha

      i agree! dastaan was amazing!!

    • wisechap

      I absulutely agree with you. Only blinds can call Aminah Sheikh pretty . She is no match for Zeba. Zeba was tremendously beautiful. Sanam Baloach would have been a good choice for this role. I often notice that only ordinary faced girls and women call Amina Sheikh beautiful. Otherwise she has no concern with beauty. But so far acting is concerned she is master in it. But Sanam Baloach is also a very very very good actress.

      • Anonymous

        Amina sheikh bahut unique hain. Shakal sirf gore rang mein nahi hota. Amina ki personality bahut hi achhi hai. Her voice, her smile, her versatality in looks and acting. I think she is one of the best pakistani faces. Rest look the same. She is the only actor who can match up to fawad in personality. Mahira is a little too bubly for fawad. I think they will rock together

  • areeba

    fawad ke sath mahira honi chahiye

  • Zzzzzzz

    fawad khan ko nazar na lagy is lia sath amna ko cast kia….try to undrstand guy…….

    • maha


    • ssss

      lolxx i think u r right ..

  • KHAN

    what a news, yuppie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fawad khan will rock once again and yeah there should have been mahira khan with him. i hope this project uplifts the fallen film industry of Pakistan infact it helps. all the very best guys.

  • maryam

    koe piyari si heroin honi chahea bekaar heroin ly lee mahira khan ko ly lain

    • Ibad Rao

      You are right. Sajal, Aiza or Sanam Bloach would have been better replacement for AS.

      • jamila

        Sajal?? plzzzz Sajal is too young for Fawad

    • pbz

      nhi kaam acha hey is ka

    • safdar

      amina mahira se boht achi he

    • fahad ali

      han mahira khan ko ly lain chi tha

    • m.nadeem


  • samar

    Heroin change kroooooo ..zeba alii itniii pretty hn..n wo film me bhttt simple bne rhe theen nokraani type n amna actress achi h but wo without makeup bhtt ajeeb lgti hai.. Zeba k roll me imaaan Ali bhtt fit lgti…amna ko nhe lena chaeye tha..koi ni psnd krega..

    • usa

      I absolutley agree with you

  • sania

    Heroin should be Mona Lisa.

    • commen_t

      Enter text right here! I agree it should be mona lisa. Mona Lisa mai zeba ki tara thora sa nazuk pan bhi nazer aa sakta hei. Asal mai Zeba itni Masha Allah haseen hei is ki tara koi haseen hei hi nahi jis ko lain . Merey khyal sai Zeba ko hi fawad kai sath lai lain..lolz

  • neha sameer

    Mere Khayal se Amina Shiekh bohot khoobsurat ahi aur us ki apni aik khoosurti hai. Sachi baat to yeh hai ke Zeba Hindo-Pak ki sab se haseen adakara rahi hai aur un ki jaisi to koi ho bhi nahin sakti is liye kissi ko bhi cast kiya jata woh baat na aati. Agar Zeba ji ke muqaabil kissi ko lena tha to I agree ke Mahira Khan, Mehreen Raheel, Juggan Kazim, ya phir Iman Ali mien se kissi ko cast karna chahiye tha. Laiken I think Amina Shiekh shayad is character ko aik naya rang de gi.

  • usa

    When so many people are saying that heroine should be changed then the director should consider their opinion. Because I also agree with them. Amina Sheikh is a very good actress but this role is for some younger and prettier girl.

  • T.S.Bindra

    Are you all commenting on a drama or a beauty contest?

  • Hafsa

    iman ali ko le lete!!!! she is WONDERFUL!!!! Aur fawad aur iman BOHHHOT ache lagte sath :))))
    Magar amna b ACTRESS to kher bohot achi hai…. let's c!! :)

  • Tuller

    I saw Amina Sheikh in real and shes an absolutely pretty girl! Infact she has something that is why she got casted!

  • abdulghani

    it will be a great project

  • shah

    i am anxiously waiting for the movie..hope it wud be a evive cinema in and will r

  • kulsoom chandio

    amna is best for fawad

  • rizwan gondal

    fawad khan bht charming personalty ka bnda hey isey media mein kafi ahmiat mili hey or ab mivie k zriey yeh pakistan film industry ka sab se moatbar or decent hero bhi kehlay ga….inshahallah
    movie armaan ka intzaar reh ga

    • Ibad Rao

      Rizwan Fawad started hi career from a Movie….KHUDA KAY LIAY . He played the role of Shan's brother. He has been working in TV since 2007. But he clicked in HAMSAFAR.

      • jamila

        Not in Humsafar, His career is in a move since DASTAAN…

  • noor fatima

    mahira aur fawad ki on screen chemistry behtareen hai i also think that the heroine should bhi changed

  • shaukat ali

    i think they will look great together because i have never seen both of them in a serial or a film

  • Love Pakistan

    uuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffff amina koji.khuda k lye pakistan me bht pyari larkian hen inhe amina e mile th.

  • Shenyl

    Aamina is a damn good actress. She ll do a great job, I am sure.The casting is perfect. Rock on Amina and Fawwad.

  • haniya

    fawad ke sath sanam baloh ko hona chaey thaaa busssssssssssssssssss

    • zoya


  • uzma

    mahira khan best hai yar,fawad nd mahira realy suit each other

  • aik

    fawad k sath mahira ko hona chahiye tha.

  • shaz

    Aamna Sheikh is a fine actress. I think she's one of the best out of the younger lot. But I somehow can't imagine her pairing with Fawad Khan. Let's see how it works out onscreen. A lot of people have mentioned Sanam Balcoch and I have to admit, she would have been a better choice. Her pairing with Fawad Khan is always a treat to watch. They complement each other beautifully. Anyone that has doubts, watch Dastaan!

    • Angel hadia

      Yup I agree


      fawad waoooooooooooooo

    • anum

      yuppp very true there shuid b snam. amna also is gud bt sanam is 22222222222222 gud

  • nilofer

    Maira khan orEaman ali,is best with fawad khan..

  • Shakilarab

    I have been reading all the comments about the new movie ,arman,and i would like to see fawad and mahira in the lead role,they will make a good pair, like waheed murad and was an excellent movie with beautiful lead role,good story,good acting music and songs.i hope thedirector will think about it before starting the shooting.thank you in advance.

  • najma

    fawad and mahiras chemistry was exelent mahira should replace amna plz do consisider this

  • NAIN


  • Fiza

    Have people even watched Armaan? If you have then you wouldn't be saying Mahira Khan. Hum Husafar ke sequel ki baat nahin kar rahe hain! Mahira is too glamarous for the role, she would be a misfit. The innocence of Sanam Baloch would be a much better choice. But since they have selected Aamna, I think it's ok. She can pull it off.

  • ami

    yaaaaaar Daastaan couple best thaa naa iskay liaay.. awad really looks chocolateee n Sanam Baloch really can give innocent looks… KITNAAA perect couple tee Dastaan may

    • abc


    • zoya

      i agree fawad and sanam best jodi forever

      • muskan

        fawad ka saath sanam saeed yah sanam bloach yah mahira khan . fawad ke real wife bhi to fawad ka mukably ma bus theek ha . humary film makers ko jori yah kisi aur mamally ma awam ka vote la kar dakhna chahy ka what peoples like to see.amna is good actress but she is opposite to fawad afzal khan .guys notice indians ke heroins bhi to itni ashi nai hoto han sub makeup ka kamal ha.wheatish color ke larki ko heroin aur us ke friend yah sister yah tak ka baz film yah serial ma to servents tak heroin sa better hoti han.agar makeup asha kar da to who bhi heroin lagay.hero kon sa beautiful hoty ha pakistani actress and acters zyada talented aur beautiful ha. please answer me RIGHT OR WRONG ALL GUYS REPLY ME

  • Arzo

    amna hain tu ache actress but fawad k sth jori thik nai hmm agr muhib huta ya sami khan tu thik tha pr fawad thik nai lagy ga amna k sath like bro sis

  • Jawaid Islam

    Wow, its a wish that came true at least partly; Mahira or Iman would have been perfect for the role. Armaan dobara ban ne ja rhi hai, I wrote to Adil Murad about it. Agr wo involve ho jaye tou kia baat hai kisi character mien aur Zeba Ali in a guest appearance…would chaar chaand project k lye. I hope the producer can use some of the original songs.

  • sonia

    mahira bs mahira

  • aysha

    fawad and mahira

  • shamma

    humsafar ki jodi bht fit rahay gi

  • iram

    mahira ki chemistry fawad ke sath hi hai

  • jash


  • amen

    pury ka pura projct bakwas h… remaking q o rae h… new ideas ,,, stories ani chahye…

  • salmankhan

    hm! i think fawad khan and aamina shaikh was not suitable in couple

  • rida fatima

    great copule

  • Tabassum Khalid

    Not Amina PLZ

    • Guest

      I agree with you

  • suhana

    plz k0i new actress ayen jo bht khubsurat h0…….Mahira sirf apni aankhon ki wajah se chal rahe hai warna w0h itni khubs0orat nahe hai……i think Aiza khan,,Ayyan,,Ayesha Omer r m0st beautifull….they r very gud lo0king….mahira has a smart body,,fair clr but n0 very very beautifull….

  • zoya

    fawad ke saath sanam ko hona chahye tha amna ko nhi.

  • maryam khan

    sajal and fawad or saba qamar and fawad could be best.

    • Anmol zaidi

      no no way sajal wd fawad nhh………….

  • afia

    oh gaaaaad…………………..jaan chor den fawad khan ki………….vo ek actor he……..bht kaam krna he abi us ne………………haal mustaqbil ki tamam heroins k sath……..

    • Faique Memon

      hey plz do right speeling og GOD

      • mohammad

        pehlay khud to karlo

  • sana

    amna is a good actor… she should b there

  • nehabibi

    pehle ZGH me sanam saeed ke sath or ab amna ke sath movie….kya hogya hai hmare casting directors ko…. fawad ke sath sb se best srf mahira hi lgti hai then sanam baloch.

  • ssss

    i think sanam would be better..guys what do u think?am i right

  • ambreen

    fawad k saath mahira zeba ki jaga ziada mozoon thi aur couple bhi acha lagta

  • ayaan ali

    fawad kay sath mahira khan zada achi lagti hai saba qmar nahi or sagal ka tou sawal hi nahi pada hota

  • ayaan ali

    fawad kay sath mahira khan zada achi lagti hai saba qamar nahi or sagal ka tou sawal hi nahi pada hota

  • mehreen

    dono he bhot ache i hain film ma

  • intelligent9999

    Aminah has given her best….what a chemistry between duo….liked it..:)