Remake of the Telefilm “Arman”-ON-SET!


The idea of  Tarang House Full of remaking the old Pakistani films and giving them a touch of telefilms is appreciated by the audience all in all and from the remake of Anjuman to the remake of Arman. It was Arman that went on-air yesterday, starring Fawad Khan and Amina  Sheikh. The most awaited telefilm was more than a treat where all Fawad fans were delighted to see him in a new avatar.

Here are a few clicks from the set of Arman. Have a look!

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Nida Zaidi

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  • Rabil Naz

    ohoo fawad k sath larki to koi dhang ki lia karo plz,yeh to uski baji lagti hi?mahira khan,sanm baluch,ya phir sadia khan ko hi lety,kam az kam in me yeh sb to is k sath soot to karti hi.magr amna shaikh aur sanm saeed fawad k sath bilkul bhi soot nhi karti?plz hmara dil mt toro,aur fawad k sath larki lete waqt is baat ka lazmi khayal rakha karo.k yeh fawad k sath achi lagi gi k nhi?

  • farah deeba khan

    i am also of the view that there should have been mahira khan or sanam baloch instead of amna. A heroin shuld look like a heroin not aunty of hero. she should be pretty enough to match the guy and if the guy is fawad , special precausions should be taken. this was the only flaw in this movie. otherwise it was perfect.

  • momal

    amina sheikh was a good choice… very charming and great actress!!
    Mahira khan is too arrogant to come with a great actor like Fawad khan..