Sataesh khan and Malik Noureed Awan got married (Pictures)

Malik Noureed Awan Ex-husband of popular singer Annie Khalid got married to Sataesh Khan (famous Pakistani celeb/model who later left the showbiz industry and turned religious).

We reported earlier about Satesh and Noureed’s “Joint Venture“, but couldn’t believe they might be ending in companionship. Malik Noureed Awan has been in news from past few years, marriage with Annie khalid and controversies related to his marriage with Princess already pushed him up in media & showbiz.

Anyhow, We bless the newly wedded couple all the success in their future life, and wish that their social cause for teaching and betterment of people turns good for Pakistan.

Check out some Pictures of their marriage ceremony below.











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  • zara

    The couple is beautiful i wish the couple a very happy married life ahead! Although it is creating confusion in my mind

  • absa

    first he marries a singer and he was seen with beard .. now he marries a more religious girl and himself without beard. strangeeeee

    wishing them luck and may Allah give us all hadayah including the couple

    • Sal

      Is main strange kia hai?
      Jo chutki bhar baal us nay apni chin per beard kay naam per grow kiye thay wo dhadhi (beard) nahi kahi ja sakti.
      Wo baal us nay shave ker diye acha kia.
      Allah say dua'a karain k ab wo sharai'i dhadhi rakh lay.


    • seeme


  • kiwi


  • Umaz

    Now he understand showpieces are not to be taken as wifes rather a pious and mannered girl can make home… har kisi ko biwi nahin banaya ja sakta!!

    • asma

      kuch likhnay say pehlay soch lena chahiey……..sab kay baray mein sirf ALLAH ko behter pata hai is liye behter hai apna allama pan khud tak hi mehdood rakha jaaye

      • Miss*Ash

        agree with asma… n abt staesh khan v hav heard rumors of leavng industry n returning to religious practice… which is somethng v shud b proud of … Rest its ONLy ALLAH'S right to judge ppl!!

      • Sadia

        i agree with you mis asma


    • Sab

      hijab krnay say hi pious ho gai???? lets see what this psycho does now.

      • arfa

        hr insan apni soch k motabiq he bt krta h or ap ne b esa e kiya jitni choti soch h itni he bt ki

      • Lily

        Haan ho gayi… Kisi mai itni himat hai kisi bhi larrki mai k apni shadi mai b hijaab pehne?
        Your comment shows that you are psycho not she…

        • Asif

          kaash yaar kam az kam aisi larki to hoi jo shadi k din hijaab mein hai. really really i liked that. mainy b aisi hi larki sy krni hai.

    • ruby


  • DMDM

    She covers herself now and if she has agreed for family pictures, then you shouldn't have uploaded them here. Kindly respect someone's privacy. MashAllah, I llike how she has a muslim bridal dress. May Allah reward her for practicing true deen, Ameen.

    • Sal

      100% agreed

  • Lubna rashid

    Nice couple Hope this time they lived happily

    • Sim Khan

      they are divorced.

  • Sara

    isn't he still married to Annie? what's the deal?

    • ahmad

      yha i m still

  • salman

    nice couple..

  • Salman

    Play boy , girls like to been played

  • Asim Chohan

    God is Know that what is true but we will try to live happy with one who make our life heaven God Bless you All

  • Huma

    U never know he must of loved sataesh Khan and not Anne maybe he could of not given anne any happness and told her the truth that he doesn't love her and she must of lefted him. we don't really know the tuth behind close doors ppl.

  • KHAN

    Allah kary k ye shadi successful ho. pur mujay ye ADMI teek nai lag raha i don't know k kuin…………….
    lets hope for the BEST

  • sajid nalaan (STM)

    bloody fool,
    he is a bloody scamer. he ruined Annie's life and now he is for naureed
    wait and see what he is doing, may be there is a money planing behind his marriage


    Money talks and hides many evils nowadays.

  • Sara

    OMG WHAT!!!???

    People who making comments about Annie or the guy, no one knows what really happened but it is shocking that in our culture and society after someone's past marriage was out in open in a negative way , someone can trust that person ???

  • alena

    i like sataish,,,,itny perdy m b wo dulhan bni hui h its amazing,,,first tym dekh rhi hn itny perdy m wo b aik bridal,,,,,,,super super…………i lve it

    • DORA

      ALENA staesh aur sara chaudhry PERDA OBSERVING LADIES hain ab…….. MASHALLAH

  • sam

    She resembles Eith faha akmal !!!! like her dressing

  • Jannat Lali

    Masha Allah very very nice Allah is kuppl ko salamat rakhay

  • Haq

    Couple Not Kuppl Mr Jannat

  • Sim Khan

    Allah dono ko khush rakhey aur deen mein qayam rakhey!!

  • Huda

    Very famous Urdu proverb " Taali kabhi Aik hath say nahi bajti" I m sure the reason of Malik naureeds unsuccessful marrige was he himself too Awan family is very backward typical sawati. I don't know why people always blame girls for divorce he should have think twice before getting married wether a British born modern girl can cope with his family or not. Annie told several times that I may be mod and different but I hate fighting and violence which naureed did he was insecure of me or what but he really gave me a hard time and he accused her of stealing money from his house and taking back to her home London which she denied by the very well know fact that heathrow security never allow you to travel and go with this much amount of money and if I would have done that they would have caught me at the airport. Well these things show that money doesn't matter at all education and a good family background is priorty most of the family business mans are not even graduate very good lesson for those girls who go after money. Sataesh khan is excellent for him just like him no insecurity and nothing and I thought that she is a sensible girl but shocked by her decision of getting married to naureed after 2 months of his divorce MONEY hide every thing……

    • malik owais

      magr is mai annie ka bhi fault ho gga

    • amjad khan

      may be u will be very modren like aine but swati not backward you dont knw about swati first read then talk any way best couple awan and satesh

    • suleman khan

      true ..wht ever u say …..

    • abbotonian

      noureed ma(alias NIDO) son of malik mushtaq awan (mma), a suzuki driver in abbottabad till 1980s. Moved to UAE as a driver and ALSO his elder/younger brothers(lots of them).NIDO also a murderer of girl in kehal- abbottabad.MMA SON of SHERA tange wala(tange wala), started supplying girls to uae along with all kinds of ills. i am amazed that nido's taya and chachas as well booked for frauds/DRUGS/ etc in abbottabad and UAE ALIKE , are/is able to operate so openly in pakistan and UAE .hats of nido's mother(malka rani) for producing such a class !!!!!!

  • danishkhawaja

    Allah sab ko hidayat dai

  • shaheer

    hijab k sath bride buhat cute lag rhi he

  • Umme saad

    Very nice couple they r beautiful because she follow seen its blessing of islam

  • Immediately saad


  • noor

    alrite,,y satiash married a doubtfull person,, she cud hv more better options than him????

  • imran khan

    nice pictures

  • fary

    very nice couple…..and we should not interfair in other persnol matter.hamay apnay liay or dosro k liay hidayat ki dowa mangni chaiy…….

  • abbotonian

    noureed's grandfather was a " tanga ban ". no harm in earning hallal bread for one's self and family. a resident of RAMBAGH in Abbottabad. the complete family famous for all kinds of ills. his father not even a middle pass who started life as a suzuki driver in 1980s. moved to uae and drove all kinds of vehicles as a driver till 1994( including frauds with numerous people on and off).then how and from where all this money?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



  • Rahilakbar

    sain to sain sain ki bachi bi sain

  • Muhammad Rafique

    I like Pakistani Dramaas

  • ahmad amandi

    i like pakistani drama s

  • Hasan Umar

    As far as I have heard Sataish Khan have started doing proper Hijaab(Pardah) so it is highly unethical to post her pictures on a public forum.

    • Preshay

      Well said, Her page was hacked and someone posted her pics..
      She is purely a religious lady now, so forum should remove her pics.

    • ayesha

      Yeah man that is true 😕 But actually her a personal fb account was hacked aur udher se ie leak huyi hein pictures .And which is very SAD .

  • Malik Awans Victim

    Bet wishes to the couple but let me share this MOST RECENT UPDATE: Mr Malik’s bail request for a was conditional for 15 Million USD, was rejected as he didnt pay the money, this is what i have trying to explain every one but no one listened, he can actually afford this money but even after a bail he have to pay back all his clients. He is not stupid, he would prefer to spend 20-25 years behind bars then to return innocent clients hard earned money.

  • Malik Awans Victim

    You might have heard his bail was conditional for 15 Million USD, it was rejected as he didn't pay the money, this is what I have trying to explain every one but no one listened, he can actually afford this money but even after a bail he have to pay back all his clients. He is not stupid, he would prefer to spend 20-25 years behind bars then to return innocent clients hard earned money.

  • shah

    big mistake sick basturd

  • farhina

    ye ALLAH kry k ab sayaesh khan ki life ye bnda hrab na kry. Annie khalid ki to kr chuka he kharab. play boy…

  • rubab

    Pehli bat k hijab karna tha to pura face cover karay ye make up wala munh b kyuon nikala wa hy…..or ye dono bachay ni hain apna apna faida soch k hi shadi ki hy……..or islam may to hy jo jaisa ho ga usko shohar b waisa hi milay ga……to ye unmarried n hijabi girl ko ye fraidia hi mila….kuch to hy jis ki parda dari hy

    • saher

      FACE PE SCARF TOUCH BHI NAHI HONA CHAHIYE(depends on the person)

      • Sam

        Agar dehan sy Quran perhain to ap ko PTA chly ga k Allah ny Nabi pak ( pbuh) ko kaha tha k Apny ghar ke aurtoo sy keh doo k apni orhniyan khainch k Apny chehroo pr kr lain………Jo ap ny kaha k chehry ko hijab touch bhi Nahi krna chahey to woh kuch ulma k nazdeek just hajj ky ahram k Bary Mae ray hae………..baki jaisa bhi hae Aik model ita bhi khud ko change kr ly bri baat hae may be aagy ja kr or achi ho jy humain dosroo k ley khud k ley duain krni chahey objection Nahi krty rehna chahey ……khud hamary ghroo ke kite auratain kita Islam follow kr re hae ya admi logo Mae kiti sharam hae……..????

      • Ayesha

        No !You are wrong .In quran the women are asked to cover their faces as well . Pehlay mjhe b yhi pta tha ke just need to cover the head , but then after reading the holy quran with tafseer* I got to know that it is made obligatory for us women to cover our faces as well . Allah hum sab ko hadayat de aur sahi ilm ata keray ameen MAY GOD BLESS YOU =)

        • Bilal Khan

          Bilkul sahi keh ri hain ap …jis ayat ka ap zikr kari hain ye Surah Ahzab ki ayat ha , aur is mai mun tak ko chaadar se dhaanp ne ka bilkul zikr ha …magar ye ayat ek aarzi waqt ke liye kahi gai thi jab medina mai huzoor pak ke khandaan par thaumato ka bazaar garam tha aur musalmaano ki izat par hamla karne ke mansoobe garam the , fasaadi hamari aurto ko cher te aur phir bahaney karte ke ye tu hum samjhe hamari apni koi ha , is liye apne aap ko alag karne ke liye , to distinguish our identity , we were advised to draw a veil over ourselves whenever necessity demanded to leave the house ………jo social interaction ke abdi ehkaam hain wo Surah Nur mai waqe hain , jis me mun dhaanp ne ka tu kia , sar dhaanp ne ka bhi zikr nai ha

      • aaina

        it's only when you are perfoming hajj or ummrah.get your facts cleared.

  • kiran.

    Allah ka Wasta hai Muslmano specially Pakistanio dusron k AIBON sy prdy uthana our unhain Zalil krny ki koshish krna chor k Apni fikr kro apny zameer main jhank k daikho k tum khud kitny naik pak ho…..kunk agr hum sb ki Ezat ka khayal rkhain gy to Allah Pak hmari Ezat b maihfooz rkhy ga.

  • muhammad asad

    Geo awan baba allah app ko or shorat izzat dolat day .or agar ksi girl ko zaya taklef ha to wo b awan baba say shadi kar lay laken wrong comment pass na karay.

  • cute_hina

    sataesh api ap boht he sweet hai or apka husband acha nahi hai :(