Aakhir Kab Tak Episode 22 Story Review – Problems Ahead

Tonight’s episode of Aakhir Kab Tak left me with mixed feelings about the drama, perhaps for the first time! It is turning out to be yet another drama that is going to take a turn for the worse at a point when the viewers want to see it end! There were so many conversations in this episode that suggested that Azfar Rehman’s character is going to make an entry in the story once again. It remains to be seen what purpose this will serve. He was bound to resurface at some point but why do it at a time when Fajar and Saim got back together after staying apart for the longest time? Some of the conversations were slightly exaggerated as well just to give the impression that Fajar finally got her happy ending. Noor and Nasir’s track is cute but some of the scenes covering their state of mind were also stretched.

Fajar and Saim

Tonight’s episode of Aakhir Kab Tak opened with Saim showering Fajar with love and his undivided attention. Fajar was also complimented for her newfound confidence and how content she was with life. Even though Fajar has changed a lot over the years, I doubt that she has the courage to face her rapist and do something about the situation. There were so many scenes tonight showing how good these two were together. These scenes immediately made me wonder if their perfect life will be interrupted in a way Fajar couldn’t even have imagined. I am glad that the writer has highlighted the importance of therapy and medication. He has not relied on Saim’s love completely to help Fajar heal.

Aakhir Kab Tak Episode 22 Story Review – Problems Ahead

She has surely come a long way but it was somewhat unrealistic that these few days of contentment made her forget how uncertain Saim’s mother is and how Saim is also capable of doubting her intentions. Her conversation with Noor in particular showed that she was still naïve and even gullible. These happy moments between Fajar and Saim were slightly overdone. If Azfar’s character was to be reintroduced again, it should have been done earlier. The sudden changes in Saim’s mother’s behavior are also difficult to relate to. Her negative side should not have been given so much screen time. I am pretty sure that the cousin who is due to visit must be the person who violated Fajar. I just hope that this particular development is also used for a meaningful purpose and not just to add more misery to this particular track. Srha Asghar continues to be impressive as Fajar but I really can’t see her suffering more!

Noor and Nasir

Noor and Nasir’s track even with all its underlying seriousness always manages to put a smile on my face. Noor is turning to be a woman of strength and principles. Nasir is an unusual leading man who has his own way of fixing problems. His scenes are amusing and meaningful at the same time. He has been there for Noor and truly believes in finding a way around problems. Noor and Nasir’s conversation about responsibilities was such an intelligent way of showing that their marriage was based on companionship. Nasir understood that it was as important for Noor to be there for her family as it was for him. These two understand each other therefore even before Noor shared her worries with him; he already had a solution in place! Ushna Shah and Adeel Hussein definitely make Noor and Nasir’s track even more likable.

Nasir’s scenes with his mother were stretched and so were the scenes that lead to their meeting in the store. Even with all his flaws, Nasir has always been a likable character because he respected Noor and his priorities in life right from the start.

Final Remarks

This episode of Aakhir Kab Tak was not as wholesome as some of the previous episodes. The story needs to move forward more rapidly towards an ending. We witnessed all these characters go through so many ups and down in these 22 weeks, the viewers deserve a good timely ending. I hope that the pace of the drama does not slow down further since the preview suggested that Azfar’s character might be introduced at the end of the next episode.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Aakhir Kab Tak? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • Hi Fatima, I was waiting for your review because I also did not like this episode too much. I am still trying to wrap my head around the sudden & extreme changes in the mother in law’s behavior. Are they planning to use it later when the rapist comes back? Why add more troubles to poor girl’s life. That whole incident was put there for a reason. We will soon find out what that reason was. Are you going to review ishq e laa? What are your expectations from it? I think you should review one of the new dramas and stop reviewing AKB because they will drag it now. Sajal Ali is always worth watching & reviewing. What do you think? Thank you for awesome reviews.

    • Hi Nida, Thank you for waiting for the reviews and for commenting. I have no idea why they are showing such extreme changes in her behavior, really strange! I agree with you Fajar has a lot to handle already. I will definitely be watching and hopefully reviewing Ishq e Laa. After watching the promos, I have high expectations from Sajal’s character. I hope the story overall is up to the mark as well. Oh yes! Sajal always delivers for sure.

      You’re most welcome. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Fatima Ji,

    Problems Ahead, indeed….

    Two words written by you have conveyed everything.

    I hope the makers of this drama and the management of Hum, do not resort to the oft-repeated explanation that, A drama is commercially viable only if it has 30 plus episode…. the profitability math does not work out in 24 episodes, hence the drama is prolonged.

    Yes, it is very likely that the cousin coming over, is the one who violated Fajar…

    but the twist in the drama could be that, the cousin might target Saim’s sister ( I may be wrong)
    The sister has to have a significant role to play to expose the brutal cousin, because, she isn’t Fajar…. she will probably bulldoze the cousin.

    I agree with Nida Ji, she has recommended reviewing either of the two new up-coming dramas, request you to please take a call on her suggestion.

    I do not want Aakhir Kab Tak to derail from here on….
    Let’s hope this drama delivers….

    the team of Aakhir Kab Tak has certainly made a sincere attempt to bring out something, out of the box, so far.

    Looking forward to your reviews.
    Thank you so much Fatima Ji.


    • Hello Ketan, so good to hear from you. Yes! That is my biggest fear right now since they did stretch Saim’s mother’s plotting and planning a lot already!

      Yes, that could be the case as well. I hope Fajar will not go back to being her weak old self, that will be sad.

      I will definitely consider that suggestion since I am interested in reviewing Ishq e Laa, I just hope the script is up to the mark.

      I agree with you, AKB has been an entertaining drama with a refreshing script, I hope it continues to be so.

      Thank you so much for all your support.

      I look forward to your feedback as well :)

  • Hi fatima mam
    Finally lux style awards winners are out.
    Iam so happy me jis ko chahta tha usi ko hi is baar awrds milay
    Ehd e wafa best play and Ost totally deserves
    Umera ahmad for alif and Farooq rind for PKS was also totally deserves
    Bilal Abbas waoo his performance was outstanding and yumna ka to koi muqabla hi nahi
    Me ne ap se aik baat discuss karni thi k apn ne notice kiya hoga har saal lsa me kisi na kisi actress ko 2 awards for same characters mil jatay hai
    Yuma totally deserves but one award is enough for her and one is for sajal for alif and YDM but they give it to yumna both isn’t unfair with sajal?
    In 2019 iqra win twice for suno chanda which was totally unfair
    Mahira win twice for superstar film
    Kiya ap ko nahi lagta k aisa nahi hona chahiye same character k liye 2 baar awards dena ghalat hai??
    And dosri baat is baar male actor viewers choice jo Danish ko mila us pe ap kiya kahegi?
    Please share your thoughts
    Thanks 🙏

    • Hello Ayaz, I agree with you, this time around I felt that some of the most deserving candidates got the awards. About two awards, one is viewers’ choice and the other critics’ choice therefore it can also be a coincidence that the same actor or actress wins both the awards. I feel ke award mile ya na mile jo nominate hue hu un sb celebrities ko ana chahyeh show pr unless there is a specific reason for not coming. Sirf ye reason ke unhe award nahi milna is quite petty! It is as if most of our celebs want to attend these shows only if either they get the award or have performances, nominate hona kafi nahi! LSA tu wese hi credible nahi rahe, too many issues and a lot of people-pleasing going on. But like you said overall acha raha result. Aap ko pata hei ke Danish aur Ayeza public ko kitne pasand hei is liye herani nahi hui mujhe. Public choice kafi dafa surprise kr deti hei. Honestly speaking, I am surprised that viewers chose Yumna LOL!!

      • Yes but i think yumna k bi fan following ziyada hai just because she choose always unique projects except raaz e ulfat 😂
        Because pechli baar to hume yaqeen hi nahi tha k public voting se yumna inkaar k liye win karegi
        Waisay category is tarha honi chahiye k viewers choice me bo jo popular ho aur critics me bo jo jury members ko lagta hai k unho ne acha performed kiya hai
        Is tarah aik actor ko nahi jayega

    • Hello Tiger, good to hear from you after such a long time. I did not watch the last two episodes, will watch them soon. I won’t be reviewing them but will definitely share my thoughts with you once I am done watching them. Did you watch the last episode? What are your thoughts about it?

      • Hello fatema, ending was different, not the sort of happy ending that viewers like me expect, but it was not bad either. I think Faiza Iftikhar tried something new this time, the story was good, and characters were very believable as in all of her drams, but the dragging made it boring , and the direction also could not lift up, it was too dull. The biggest negative point about the drama that nobody pointed out, is that I felt the lead pair selection was wrong. This drama required newcomers, in that case even continuous crying wouldnt have looked bad, but Maya Ali was misfit for this role, she has done such amaing stuff before, that for her comeback you cant expect to see her in such a role. Also as lead hero, someone new was needed, and not Sheryyar Munawwar . The poster shouldnt have only Aslam-Rakshi, but it should have included Bushra too. So in my opinion, a fresh lead pair, and overall showing a triangle on the poster would have changed the expectations of viewer. Here the makers tried to rely on the lead pair chemistry in movies, but the drama concentrated on the supporting cast much more, (who all did wonderful job). So it doesnt make sense to have a superhit jodi for this drama and promote it like that.

        I have same feeling about Mahira in HKKST, she is a gr8 actress and is performing well, but some other actress would have been better, overall cast combination doesnt work.

        Let me know ur opinion.