Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 17 Review – The Consequences!

Ohkay so, what an intense episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan. It is so interesting to see how everything is coming together, how everything that began is now reaching it conclusion & what’s important is how the writer & the director have brought the story to this point. What a masterpiece Alif Allah Aur Insaan has turned out to be, it is just perfect & I really hope there’s nothing about it that would change, especially the pace. So, this episode was all about the consequences that every single one of them was facing, some faced the consequences due to the truth & some faced due to their deeds!

Finally, Shahzeb mustered up the courage to face the biggest obstacle that was standing in his & Nazneen’s way. I loved how Baba Jee put things into perspective & put Shahzeb’s heart to ease because he encouraged him to stick to the truth even if it didn’t guarantee him success but he did tell him that this is exactly what he was supposed to do. I like how every time Shahzeb feels lost, he goes to Baba Jee & just silently listens to what he says because one way or the other, there’s a lesson in his words for him.

Qadir Ali finally spilled the beans because he knew he had to protect Malik Hashmat from getting betrayed & he never wanted Basit to be the part of the plan. I actually felt bad for Basit because without doing anything, he was feeling guilty & was forced to do the heavy-lifting. Nazneen actually thought that Basit would take a stand for her but little did she know that he would never go against his father’s word & he proved it. Nazneen must’ve been fine with the idea of keeping her parents in the dark but for Basit, it was too big of a burden to bear & most importantly, he knew what he being the son of a servant was supposed to do for Malik Hashmat.

So, finally, Shammo’s curse for Nazneen came into play & she lost the love of her life even after leaving no stone unturned to get it. Just like Shahzeb never really realized that it was because he hurt Nigar Begum that he was facing all of that, Nazneen would never know that all that she is going through is because she insulted Shammo, because she resorted to ‘bara bol’ in dealing with him, like her mother said. I don’t know if Nazneen will ever come across Shammo? I know the chances are next to zero but may be he can be hired as her makeup artist & that will put things into perspective, but I know this is a wishful thinking on my part but yes, I would love to see Shammo back, he is being missed & also a scene where Nazneen & Shammo will face each other.

Slowly & steadily, Reena is uncovering the bitter truth of the life that she dreamt of. Every single day she is reminded of how Nigar told her that she was better off as a beggar but now she knows it’s too late because she has gotten the taste of the life that she wanted & despite despising it, she can not go back. I find Reena a restless soul, like can she settle for one thing for a longer period of time? Nope. When she was a beggar, she wanted her circumstances to change, then later when she stepped into the brothel, she wanted to go back to her old life & now again when she has achieved what she dreamt of, she is still unhappy. Obviously, Reena has understood that everything comes with a territory but she is the one who chose to pay the heavy price, so it would be better for her if she comes to term with the fact that this is how her life has shaped up, that too based on her own conditions. Reena turned down the offer of going back to the normal life, so now she has to accept both the good & the bad of this life. However, I find it absolutely convincing how they have shown that Reena is fighting the battle within herself, where she doesn’t approve of the certain aspects of this new life but finds herself helpless to undo anything about it!

I was wondering, now when everything about what a ‘tawaif’ does is openly & candidly being discussed in front of Reena Begum, why was it that before she became a ‘tawaif’ herself, she had no idea about what it is that a courtesan actually does? This is the only bit that I find a little unconvincing but then again, that’s how it was supposed to be. Oh well, Nigar Begum made an appearance once again, I swear this has to be my favorite part of the entire episode because I actually look forward to Nigar Begum’s scenes, she looked graceful but apart from that, the message that she came to convey was more important. Nigar is finally reminding Reena of what she did & how far she went in order to get here, so again, she has to face the consequences.

Oh well, Nazneen met Basit only to find out that he wasn’t a coward, but a man of his word & for him, Qadir Ali’s & Malik Hashmat’s pride was everything, even if it meant sacrificing the love of his life. Nazneen did realize that there was nothing she could do if Basit wasn’t on board that is why after creating a havoc, she returned defeated realizing that she has lost everything. Ummm, did I feel for Nazneen, I don’t think I did may be because the start of her love story wasn’t convincing, so that’s why I never really understood the depth of her love for Basit. Nazneen, till this date looks like a stubborn spoiled child who wants everything that she puts a finger on & Basit was like one of those things that she desired to have in her possession, so now when she didn’t get him, she lost her calm but then again, in the middle of all this, I couldn’t see the intensity of her love for him!

Overall, this episode was intense, it was brilliant & it was perfect. I am loving everything about this drama like I actually wait for Tuesdays because I get to watch Alif Allah Aur Insaan. I am so so so glad with the pace of the drama, like everything comes just at the right time & that is the strength of this drama. I feel when the directors or the writers make the viewers wait for too long, everything loses its charm but that is not the case with Alif Allah Aur Insaan as even before we expect, all the important events unfold making things a lot more engaging. I must say, everyone acted brilliantly in this episode. Shehzad sheikh was amazing, so was Ushna Shah. Kubra Khan performed well too but I felt she went a littttle overboard, like at one point I felt she didn’t need to pull of a Monjolika in Nazneen, because that’s exactly who she reminded me of, but other than that, her performance was brilliant too. I did feel a bit for Malik Hashmat, like he never would’ve imagined that the daughter that he loved & trusted the most could trick him so selfishly, Usman Peerzada really has portrayed the character of a loving father to perfection. I must commend the writer again for such brilliant dialogues, no matter who says what, there’s always a depth & a meaning behind everything that is uttered. Hats off! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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