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Bachaana (بچانا) Official Poster

Bachaana (بچانا) is an upcoming Urdu film shot in Mauritius and Pakistan under production for past two years. The film stars Sanam Saeed in the lead role with Mohib Mirza. Sanam Saeed is playing the role of an Indian girl named Aaliya, while Mohib Mirza is appearing as a Pakistani taxi driver.

The trailer of the film is expected to release on the 5th January 2016, while its first official poster is released last week. The film will be distributed by Hum Films.

Bachaana is one of the three films featuring Sanam Saeed but are due to release sometime in 2016. The other two films are Mahe Meer and Doobara Phirr Se. Seeing the progress so far, Bachaana might be the first released film for Sanam Saeed.

Here is the official poster released on the 10th December 2015


Cast: Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza, Adeel Hashmi
Written By: Saad Azhar
Director: Nasir Khan
Produced By: Rizwan Saeed for Big Films
Distributor: Hum Films and Big Films

The only video released about Bachaana is this media report by a Mauritius channel in late 2014.

Few clicks from the shooting in Mauritius

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Rashid Nazir Ali

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