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Beautiful Nida Yasir at the Engagement of his Brother Talha Pasha

Nida Yasir is a gorgeous actress, model, and an amazing host. She has been a part of many hit dramas lately and is recently hosting a morning show. Nida and Yasir are the most loved couple of showbiz because of the strong chemistry between them. Nida and Yasir became famous for acting in the comedy-drama ’Nadaniya’ that was produced by Yasir Hussain. 

Nida and Yasir know who to manage their work and personal life very well. They love to spend quality time with their family, therefore, they never miss their family gatherings and events. Recently, Nida Yasir pictures went viral over the internet in which she looked stunning for her brother’s engagement. She wore a bright green color frock and looked absolutely gorgeous. 

Her dress was by the famous designer Faiza Saqlain and makeup was done by Sara Ali who made her look so elegant and beautiful. 

Nida and Yasir looked perfect together as always while her brother and his fiance seem to look happy entering into the new phase of life. May the newly engaged couple stay happy forever. 

Here are some beautiful pictures of Nida Yasir at her brother’s engagement. Have a look and tell us what do you guys think of her?

nida yasir 1

nida yasir 2

nida yasir 4

nida yasir 5

nida yasir 6

nida yasir 7

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