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Bilal Abbas Khan is a Pakistani model and an actor. He has established himself as a versatile actor in a few years. Bilal Abbas Khan however worked really hard to get where he is today. He always felt he was destined to perform. In the past few years, he has been part of some of the most hit drama serials.

He is constantly trying to reinvent himself by experimenting with different roles. He has the capability to play positive and negative roles with utmost precision. He has the looks and talent to make it big in the industry. He has already worked with the best people in the industry. This is only the beginning of his career and already he has achieved so much.

While most actors his age are busy playing the ‘hero’ roles Bilal Abbas Khan has already shown that he does not want to be stereotyped. He is also loved by the fans because of his off-screen personality just as much as he is for his on-screen performances.

He got formal acting training from NAPA. He always dreamed to be an actor but he never thought he would get where he is today. He keeps himself grounded even after getting so much fame.

Bilal Abbas Age

Bilala Abbas was born on 4th June 1992 in Karachi. He is 27 years old. He joined the showbiz industry formally when he was 24 years old.

He is one of those few celebrities who hardly ever posts celebration pictures from her birthday parties. The only time he did post a picture, it was with his family members.

Bilal childhood

He also shared these adorable pictures from his childhood.

bilal childhood1

bilal childhood2
bilal childhood3
bilal childhood4 bilal childhood5

Bilal Abbas Family

Bilal Abbas considers his family his lifeline. He has 2 brothers and a sister. His brother and sister are older than him and he has one brother who is younger than him. He keeps on posting pictures with his family on his social media pages.

It is quite apparent from Bilal Abbas’ captions and pictures that family comes before everything else for him. He shared in an interview that since he is the middle child, he can get away with a lot with his other siblings cannot.

He was an introvert ever since he was a child. Although he loved to perform even as a child, he did not like to socialize a lot. He shared this video from his childhood in which he is enjoying performing at a wedding. As is seen in the video, he is happy performing all by himself.


He was brought up and still lives in a combined family system. His father always wanted to be an actor but he couldn’t make his dream come true. Therefore he wanted his son to go into the field of acting for the realization of his own dream.

His mother is a fashion designer. When he stepped into showbiz, she told him that she was going to design his outfits for him.

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Bilal Abbas Brother

Bilal Abbas has two brothers. One of his brothers is older than him and the other one is younger. Their names are Umair Abbas and Shahbaz Abbas. His younger brother likes to sing but has no plans to take up singing as a profession. He is the closest to his younger brother.

bilal abbas brother bilal abbas brother1 bilal abbas brothers bilal abbas brothers1

Bilal Abbas Sister

Bilal Abbas sister is older than him. Her name is Sana Tauseef and she runs her own business. She has her own pret and fashion jewelry collection. She is married and she has a 10-year-old son. Her son’s name is Kabeer Tauseef Ali. He even has an Instagram page of his own which is run by his mother.

His sister also wants to pursue writing. She has always wanted to write and now that her brother is in the showbiz field, she wants to write a script for dramas. Those her plans in the long term.

He often shares his love for Sana on her social media pages. Apart from his mother, his sister is really close to him.

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Bilal Abbas Drama List

He has worked with the best directors and producers over the years. Bilal Abbas drama list shows his versatility and dedication as an actor.

Here are the dramas he has acted in.

Saya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahin – 2016

Dumpukht – 2016

Saanp Seerhi- 2017

Rasm-e-Duniya – 2017

Qurban – 2017

Baykhudi – 2017

ORungreza – 2017

Balaa – 2018

Cheekh – 2018

Pyar Ke Sadqay – 2020

He shared in an interview that drama serial ORungreza was a game-changer for him. Currently he is working on two mega projects. One of them is a web series in which he will be starring alongside Noman Ijaz, Savera Nadeem and Sarah Khan. The other one is a thriller which he has signed with Big Bang Productions. Sana Khan will be playing the lead with him in this thriller drama.

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Bilal Abbas Khan Dramas 

Bilal Abbas Khan dramas have won the viewers over again and again, in the past few years. Through his dramas he tries his best to show the viewers a different side of him every time. He has had the opportunity to work with the best. Even a superstar like Mahira Khan wishes to work with him.

Bilal Abbas Khan Wife 

He is single and he intends to stay that way. In an interview he shared that he had big plans for his career therefore he was not even thinking about getting married right now. He said that he wanted his showbiz career to be the main focus of attention.

He shared in another interview that he was not romantic. He understood and liked the idea of romance but he wasn’t romantic by nature.

Bilal Abbas Instagram

Bilal Abbas is active on Instagram. He usually uses this platform to share pictures of his family and to keep the fans posted about his upcoming projects. Bilal Abbas has 1.6 Million followers on Instagram.

Bilal Abbas Instagram 1

Bilal Abbas Pics

bilal abbas bilal abbas1 bilal abbas2 bilal abbas4 bilal abbas7


Bilal abbas khan

Bilal abbas khan

Bilal abbas khan


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