Daughters Who Are Actors Like Their Mothers

The Pakistani showbiz industry is blessed with stars who have been dazzling on our television screens for many years now. There are many female actresses in our drama industry whose daughters too are just as talented as them. The phrase that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree holds true for these talented daughters. Just like their mothers, their talent knows no bound. These celebrities have not only dedicated a good portion of their lives to entertain the viewers but now their daughters are also enthralling the viewers with their performances. All these mothers and daughters have earned the love and respect they get today and it isn’t because they are related to each other.

All of these beautiful and talented celebrity mothers have been seen supporting their daughters. Even though some of these celebrity mothers did not welcome the idea of their daughters joining showbiz initially but now that their daughters are in the field they are always seen side by side.

Sadia Faisal and Saba Faisal

Saba Faisal has been associated with the television industry for decades now. She has made an even bigger name for herself in recent time. Her daughter Saba Faisal has been part of some big projects too. Saba Faisal and Sadia Faisal share a special bond.saba faisal

saba faisal1
saba faisal3

saba faisal4

saba faisal5

Fatima Effendi and Fauzia Mushtaq

Fatima Effendi is an actress just like her talented mother. Her mother always wanted her to put her studies ahead of her acting career therefore for quite some time she was acting and studying at the same time. Her mother has always been a big support for her.

fatima effendi 2

fatima effendi1 1

fatima effendi2 1

fatima effendi3 1

fatima effendi5

fatima effndi4

Saba Hameed and Meesha Shafi

Meesha Shafi is known more as a singer but she has also acted in a few dramas. Meesha Shafi has a strong personality just like her mother and both of them are equally talented. meesha shafi 1

meesha 1
meesha1 1
meesha4 1
meesha5 1

Seemi Raheel and Mehreen Raheel

Mehreen Raheel acted in some of the best dramas for years but later on, she decided to quit acting and dedicate her time to her family. Her mother Seemi Raheel has been acting for decades and she still continues to play memorable roles in dramas.mehreen4

mehreen raheel
mehreen raheel1
mehreen raheel2
mehreen raheel3

Deeba and Madiha Rizvi

Film star Deeba was the biggest name of the Pakistani film industry when she was a young heroine. Her daughter Madiha Rizvi also chose the field of acting and she is a remarkable actress.madiha rizvi

madiha rizvi1
Madiha Rizvi

Javeria Abbasi and Anzela Abbasi

Anzela Abbasi is the young talent in Pakistan, an actress who is naturally gifted. She is Javeria Abbasi’s daughter and we are guessing that is where she gets her great looks and acting skills from.javeria abbasi

javeria abbasi1

javeria abbasi2

Asma Abbas and Zara Noor Abbas

Zara Noor Abbas is the shining star of the Pakistani television industry. Her mother Asma Abbas is also extremely talented. People love both Asma Abbas and Zara Noor noor abbas

zara noor 1
zara noor2 1

Fariha Jabeen and Amar Khan

Amar Khan entered the showbiz industry only recently but she has already made a name for herself. Her mother Fariha Jabeen is also a superb actress.amar khan

amar khan1
amar khan2
Amar khan 1

Ismat Tahira and Ushna Shah

Ushna Shah needs absolutely no introduction, she is one of the most recognized actresses of the Pakistani industry right now. She is the daughter of Ismat Tahira who was seen on television a lot back in PTV days.ushna shah

ushna shah1

Tahira Wasti and Laila Wasti

Tahira Wasti was one of the most graceful and talented actresses of the Pakistani television industry. People were genuinely thrilled when they found out that her daughter was going to appear in the drama. Maria Wasti has her own unique acting style which everyone likes.laila wasti

Humaira Ali and Iman Ali

Humaira Ali was part of some of the biggest dramas and she was also a singer. Her daughter Iman Ali is now a well-known actress and model who has worked with the best people in the industry.iman ali1

iman 1

Nisho and Sahiba

Sahiba’s mother Nisho was the most popular heroine of her time. Sahiba too ruled the cinema screens for many years just like her mother.sahiba


Rubina Ashraf and Minna Tariq

Rubina Ashraf is an experienced and talented actor who recently started directing dramas. Her daughter Minna Tariq made her television debut from drama serial Ruswai which is directed by her mother.Minna tariq

minna tariq1
minna tariq2
minna tariq3

Feel free to add more names to the list.

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