Fahad Mirza – Biography, Age, Education, Wife, Children, Dramas

Fahad Mirza – Biography, Age, Education, Wife, Children, Dramas

Fahad Mirza

Fahad Mirza is a Pakistani Cosmetic Surgeon, Model and Actor. Fahad started his modelling career in 2007 and then made his acting debut in a Telefilm written by Umera Ahmed titled ‘Mutthi Bhar Mitti’ in 2008.

Fahad Mirza’s Age

Fahad Mirza was born on April 26. His year of birth is unknown. He is in his mid 30’s.

Fahad Mirza’s Education

Fahad Mirza completed his MBBS degree from Dow Medical College, Karachi as a General Surgeon. Fahad is also working as a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Liaquat National Hospital, Karachi.

Fahad Mirza’s Family

Fahad Mirza is a son of Celebrity Anti-Agening Specialist Dr. Zubair. His mother is Ansa Mirza who is also a fashion designer. Fahad is the only son and has 2 sisters.

Fahad Mirza’s First Wife

Fahad Mirza was married to a girl named Tahira Mirza, however after 3 years of being married, they both parted ways. Details of this relationship are unknown, however it is believed that they have a daughter as well.

Fahad Mirza’s Second Wife

Fahad Mirza is married to a renowned TV Actor Sarwat Gilani. They both tied the knot in August, 2014. Their wedding was a grand affair which was attended by most of the celebrities.

Fahad Mirza’s First Son

Fahad and Sarwat had their first son Rohan Mohammad Mirza in May, 2015. He is 2 years old.

Fahad Mirza’s Second Son

Fahad and Sarwat had their second son Araiz Mohammad Mirza in June, 2017. He is a few days old.

Fahad Mirza’s Drama List

Mutthi Bhar Mitti – Telefilm (2008)
Bari Aapa – Drama (2012)
Main Deewani – Drama (2014)
Shanakht – Drama (2014)
Bilquees Urf Bitto – Drama (2017)

Fahad Mirza’s Social Media Handles

Facebook: Fahad Mirza (@fahadzubairmirza)
Instagram: fahadzmirza

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