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Favorite DIY Hairstyles of Pakistani Actresses

Pakistani actresses are always seen experimenting with their looks since they are constantly doing new projects. There are however some hairstyles which are their favorite and therefore very often we see many actresses sporting these hairstyles. The great thing about these hairstyles is that they are simple and can easily be done by anyone who has a few simple gadgets handy or is slightly creative. Some of these hairstyles have become so common that almost all the leading actresses have been seen carrying these hairstyles.

Here are some of the favorite hairstyles of Pakistani actresses which are easy to follow and look great.

Front Braids

This look first became common when Mahira Khan sported it in the drama Sadqay Tumhare. This was the first time that Mahira Khan experimented with her hairstyle a little and the credit for that goes to her stylist as well. This was one look which became an instant hit because partially tying the hair from the front also gives a certain level of comfort since the hair stays in place and does not fall on the face. Mahira Khan sported this look with another braid at the back and sometimes with partially tied hair.

Mahira Khan 2

Later on, this look was followed by many different celebrities and gradually became a favorite. Ayeza Khan has also been seen in this hairstyle many times in different projects. For her upcoming project, she has been seen sporting this hairstyle with a little bit of variation.

Ayeza Khan 14

Ushna Shah gave a different spin to this hairstyle by keeping the braids pretty simple and only taking a few strands of hair from the front to make these braids. Unlike Ayeza Khan, Ushna Shah did not add volume to her hair.

Ushna Shah

Sarah Khan’s stylist added variation to this hairstyle by replacing a single braid in the front with two and also defined the crease. This hairstyle is more funky and gives Sarah Khan a younger look. This has to be the latest variation to the hairstyle which shows that there are so many different ways to style this look.

Sarah Khan 1

In this picture Sarah Khan’s stylist gave the same hairstyle a different look by adding braids at the back too. This is Sarah Khan’s picture from her upcoming project and therefore the latest ‘take’ on a hairstyle which continues to be stylist and celebrities’ favorite.

Sarah Khan1

Naimal Khawar also sported this hairstyle in drama serial Ana with a more neatly done side French braid and Naimal parted her hair from the side unlike all these other actresses who parted their hair from the middle. It depends on an individual which parting they feel suits them more and they can carry this look with parting from any side.

Naimal Khawar 3

Voluminous Wavy Hair

Gone are the days when dead straight hair alone were in fashion. Celebrity hairstyles lately clearly suggest that the new fashion trend is big hair with waves. Many actresses have sported this hairstyle in their recent projects. Ayeza Khan has been seen sporting this look in her drama Yaariyan and she has also done so for her photo shoots.

Ayeza Khan1 1

Sajal Aly also looked great in wavy hair which gave her hair even more volume in drama serial Aangan. Sajal’s stylist gave her a hairstyle which was a mix of partially tied braids, a twist and waves.


Sajal Aly

Most of the actresses nowadays prefer sporting waves which give the hair the same look which a perm gives. Hina Altaf, Kinza Hashmi, Zarnish Khan and many other actresses have been seen sporting this hairstyle. Hina Altaf’s look is more casual and cool.

Hina Altaf

Iqra Aziz sports this hairstyle with partially tied hair with a pin only on one side. This hairstyle takes time and might not work for everyone but these celebrities are definitely rocking it.

Iqra Aziz 1

Kinza 4

There was a time when girls who had naturally curly hair were forced to straighten them because of the fashion trends but now the celebrities are making the most of this latest trends and making fashion statements with wavy hair.

Zarnish Khan 15 Zarnish Khan1

Twist and Pin

This has to be the easiest yet one of the most popular hairstyles among celebrities. Twisting the hair from the front and pinning it on the sides gives the hair a neat look immediately. This hairstyle has been sported by different famous actresses in their photo shoots and the dramas. The look it gives is similar to the one given by front braids but the big difference is that pulling off the twist is so much easier than making the braids.

Ayeza Khan 15

This is another hairstyle that can be styled in many different ways – from twisting the hair only from one side to twisting it from both sides. This particular hairstyle is not only popular among actresses but also their fans.

Sajal Aly 1Arij Fatyma

Sleek Back Bun

Pakistani actresses have proved that sometimes a sleek back bun with a middle parting is the best option for a formal look. Many Pakistani actresses have been seen sporting this look in talk shows, dramas and even functions.

Hania 1

When sporting this hairstyle with a more formal look, these actresses relied on accessories.

Sarah Khan 2

The great thing about the sleek bun is that you don’t need to have long hair to sport this look. Actresses like Iqra Aziz and Saheefa Jabbar have pulled off this look by replacing the bun with a pony tail or a hair accessory.

Iqra Aziz 2

Saheefa Jabbar

The sleek bun looks both elegant and stylish, as is evident from these pictures. It is definitely another one of those hairstyles which can easily be done by many girls.

Ayeza Khan 16

The trick is to ensure that the bun is not too high or too low and the parting is done really neatly otherwise it won’t look as sleek as it is supposed to look.

Mahira 3

Short Hair, Don’t Care

Short hair, don’t care is a phrase which has very often been used by actresses who decide to get their hair cut shorter than most people would want them to since people most often want to see female actresses sporting long hair.


Well, these female celebrities have surely proven that it is possible to sport all the latest hairdos with short lengths as well as long as you invest some time and put in effort.


Some of these actresses are often seen sporting hair extensions in dramas but in reality, they give great ideas to girls with short hair who want to experiment with different hairstyles.

Nausheen Shah

Saba Qamar

The Bob haircut is a favorite among celebrities and even though it usually comes in different lengths, it doesn’t go beyond the shoulders but that does not stop these actresses for going all out and flaunting their short hair.

Iqra Aziz 3

Iqra 2

Which one of these hairstyles are you going to try next? Do share your thoughts in the comments section.