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Five Reasons Why Mathira Should Be Banned From Television

mathira feature

mathira feature

Yes, I know we have a very free media now. The private channels can literally get away with the most eccentric of things sometimes. The public can criticize or show their dislike as much as they want but no one listens. The television is for the public isn’t it? So, the people who organize these shows should keep people’s wishes in mind. Unfortunately, controversy and controversial people get more TRPs whether or not the viewers want to see them on-screen. There are a few people especially the morning show hosts and some actors who I think do not deserve to be on television at all but there is one person in particular who should be officially banned from television and that is Mathira. She needs no introduction because she has done enough publicity for herself for everyone to know who she is. Here are five reasons why Mathira should not appear on television.

1. The Woman Makes You Want To Throw Up The Second She Opens Her Mouth! Mathira never talks sense, everything she has to say is in some way or the other associated with all the dirty thoughts that her mind is filled with. I watched the morning show in which Mathira and Ahsan were guests, one would expect Mathira to be a little decent in a morning show since it is a family affair. But Mathira does not know the meaning of decency. The things she did and said were unbelievable. So much so that Nida Yasir, the host of the show had to tell her that Ahsan Khan’s wife may be watching the show. She is height of indecency and vulgarity.

2. Her Gestures Are Cheapness Personified. Forget about Mathira opening her mouth, just mute the channel and look at this woman’s gestures and that alone will be enough to make you punch her. Flying kisses are like hellos to Mathira and it does not end there! I am sure all of you who have seen this woman on-screen know what I am talking about.

3. No One Wants To See Her On TV! Is there anyone out there who actually looks forward to watching Mathira on-screen? How many of you can watch her with your family? She is definitely not one of those people who leave you with a good feeling. Why should she be on-screen when no one wants to see her? The television is for the viewers so the people who organize these shows should keep people’s wishes in mind.

4. Attention Seekers Put Me Off. It is very obvious that Mathira does all of what she does to get attention. She is hungry for attention; she will resort to any measure to be in the paper or in the news. Why do the TV channels feel that they need to feed this desire of hers to get attention? People are more “curious” about such people than anything else so I think the channels also try to cash in on this curiosity.

5. She Gives Out The Wrong Message About Pakistani Celebrities And People. We have so many educated and decent celebrities who work extra hard to give Pakistan a good image. People like Mathira cancel out the efforts of such people because they give the wrong image of our industry and people. When someone is on television people will presume that it is normal for Pakistanis to watch such people on TV when actually it is not because people like Mathira are outcasts in our society who don’t belong or fit in anywhere.

Do you think Mathira should be banned from television? Share your views.


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