Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 11 Story Review – Brilliant Execution

Ohkay so, it was a slow but very interesting episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay. The thing I like the most about this drama is that each & every episode gives you so much to think & talk about. This goes to show that even if a story is simple if it is executed intelligently backed by strong performances, that is enough to make it a drama worth watching. Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay has definitely become one such drama that I actually look forward to every week.

Mehreen Isn’t Guilty

The best moment of this entire episode was how Mehreen was taken back to the thought of her father & the things he would say to her every time she misbehaved with Mashal. This was enough of a hint to prove that Mehreen did not do anything irrational to Mashal, even if she wanted to. It showed that because Mehreen has such high regard for her father, she holds him dear to her heart so much that even after so many years have passed by, she still acts according to what she believes he would’ve said to her. I loved the fact that where everyone around her was bent on proving that she was the culprit, in her heart, Mehreen had this satisfaction that she hasn’t done anything of such sort & she is the only one who knows what her reasons are. No matter what others continue to say, Mehreen will never give away the fact that she still follows her father’s words.

I must also appreciate the fact that no matter what happens, the director never fails to take the viewers back to Mehreen’s childhood events, to connect the dots & keep us reminded of how much she has suffered. These kinds of flashbacks are definitely adding more value to each & every episode for sure. This time around, the flashback of Rabia’s wedding day showed what it was that caused Mehreen to drift away from her mother. Rabia was ‘majboor’ back then & she was ‘majboor’ even now. It is unfortunate that Rabia expects Mehreen to ‘always’ understand her reasons & justifications, without even allowing her to feel upset. Rabia may have been a victim of circumstances too, but the least she could’ve done is being there for her daughter when she needed her the most!

I can not believe that Aswad saw Mehreen’s asthama attack as lying & manipulation. Just when he was thinking about Mehreen after he saw her in that condition, I was kind of happy that he was now going to give Mehreen the benefit of doubt & might start seeing her through her eyes, but at this point, I feel sorry for him. He is so blinded by the lies & is not ready to let go of the things that have been fed to him against Mehreen which makes him a very weak character.

In this episode, I was also disappointed in Saleha. All this while, she has been the voice of reason but she fails to see the kind of destruction her ‘wish’ of seeing Aswad & Mehreen married has brought to this entire family. Saleha now wants Mehreen to settle with Aswad & the reason given to Rabia was that she doesn’t want her entire family to drift apart further? If that was the case, why didn’t she think about breaking hearts when Aswad let her know that he was interested in Mashal? All the flashbacks of video clips that Mashal used to send to Aswad were very heart-breaking. It kind of suggested that apart from having a very dominant trait of hating Mehreen; Mashal was her own person too, where she knew how to be happy & had certain dreams related to Aswad – her special someone. Although it is sad that Mehreen is being made to face the brunt of it, I am glad that Aswad is suffering too due to the guilt of letting Mashal down. Also, all those videos were enough for Aswad to know that Mashal was madly in love with him, therefore for him to come to Pakistan & back out of this equation saying he didn’t make any committments to her make him an evil person. Aswad knew exactly to which extent Mashal was mentally & emotionally involved in him, so what he did only because ‘Ammi nahi maan rahin’ is cruel!

As much as I do understand the dishevelment of both Tahir & Shagufta, I would’ve liked if they had shown their reactions to be a bit subdued, considering the amount of time that has passed after Mashal’s death. An ounce of Sabr, some control would’ve been good. This made me think how disrespectful all of this was for Mashal, that even after her passing, her parents were more focused on Mehreen than Mashal. I do believe this is not what has been shown but this is how I perceive it, maybe because as much as their reactions are realistic, I wish their emotions were a bit in control. This also effortlessly highlighted how they both were Mashal’s parents; with extreme reactions & extreme emotions, which is why this is exactly what they taught Mashal as well! At this point, I find Nani’s character irrelevant but let’s see if she has any redeeming qualities because it seems she is going to have a conversation with Aswad!

Mahira Khan Stole The Show

The preview of the next episode was definitely intersting too because it looks like Aswad is going to find out the truth & Shabo will be made to confess too. I can not wait to find out what actually happened. I must say, the director & editors have done a commendable job at keeping it all a mystery & playing along those lines. It actually keeps one guessing, especially those who have not read the novel. I am definitely enjoying Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay & can not wait to see the rest of the episodes. The story of this drama might be a bit predictable but I still enjoy the fact that despite knowing what is going to happen, the thought of what ‘should’ happen keeps you thinking about it more & more. Props to Mahira Khan for being the star of this episode, each & every scene depicted Mehreen’s struggles, her anguish, her disappointments & grief beautifully. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay.

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