Inkaar Last Episode Story Review – Justice Served But Denied

I have always praised the writer Zafar Mairaj in particular for his practical approach and the fact that this drama always had the right messages. But unfortunately this ending reminded me of drama serial Sangat. This last episode also reminded me of drama serial Khaani but the big difference was that while Mir Hadi earned ‘respect’ in jail and his realizations were shown gradually, this ending was too rushed and not the least bit satisfying. The punishment Hajra chose for Rehan did not go well with the practical approach the writer had right from the start. In the end it was Hajra’s decision and the reasoning she gave for letting Rehan go did not sit well with me at all. The dialogues covering the role of media were the only good part about this last episode and I also feel that Shayan did not get the acknowledgement he deserved in the end. It all boiled down to Hajra getting validation from the public and winning in the eyes of the media. Hajra and her father once said that they could forgive Rehan but they couldn’t forgive people who killed Gullu Badshah – what happened to that? The opening scenes of this last episode promised a powerful ending but later on the way Hajra gave her own verdict was nothing short of shocking.

The rest of the developments covering the relationship between different characters were pleasing to watch. Since I did not review the second last episode therefore I will also share my views about that in this review.

A Mother’s Confession

Hajra and her mother’s scene in the first half of the second last episode was one of the best scenes in that episode. Very often in our dramas, mothers are not shown asking their children (specifically girls) for forgiveness or they feel that they do not need to tell their children how much they are loved. This was definitely one of the nice aspects of this ending.

The Court’s Proceedings

Throughout, the court’s proceedings were covered in detail and every single scenario was convincing. In this last and second last episode too, everything was covered in detail. Hajra, Shayan and their fathers joined hands to do whatever they could to win the case. Eventually it was the CCTV footage which helped the court make the final judgment. Hajra was quite content with her decision because she was convinced that Rehan Chaudhry did not need to go to the prison but he needed the right guidance from his mother in order to ‘mend his ways’. Since this was Hajra’s decision, one she had taken after the court gave its own therefore everyone associated with her was quite happy with it and even the media portrayed Hajra as the real hero. The role Shayan’s father played was definitely pleasing but wasn’t he the one who got Gullu Badshah killed? I found it really hard to forgive him for that and the thought that Hajra was now going to live in the same house as him was not the least bit pleasing.

Inkaar Last Episode 1

The Performances

All the actors playing leading and supporting roles did complete justice to their characters. Yumna Zaidi and Rehan Sheikh outdid everyone else, although their track didn’t have the ending most of us wanted to see but they stayed true to their characters right till the end. Imran Ashraf once again chose to experiment and this time around too he made his presence felt especially in the last few episodes. Sami Khan was convincing as the man who loved Hajra unconditionally. I also enjoyed watching Shayan’s growth as an individual. I would have loved to see Rehan behind bars, begging for an apology but that was not meant to be. Munazzah Arif, Noor-ul-Hassan and the actor playing Gullu Badshah’s role performed exceptionally well. The reporters in this episode acted poorly which definitely affected the overall impact of this last episode. Hajra’s decision in the end was the worst part of a drama which I had huge expectations from. The best part of this play was the father-daughter bonding and the way Hajra’s father stood by her side right till the end. Watching Inkaar and reviewing it was always worthwhile but this last episode was a big disappointment.

Special thanks to all those wonderful readers who read the reviews every week and shared their views here. Do share your thoughts about this last episode of Inkaar.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • I too didnot like the ending.. hajra should not have forgiven rehan as he deserved to be behind the bars and beg apology from all. Thats soo un fair… after soo much struggle hajra shud not be contented with this forgiveness thing.. everyone in real life wants their culprit to be served in jail and feel the pain of hurting others..
    Anyways… acting was superb , i just loved bonding of both father and daughter.. the way they potrayed that any battle cane be fought with bravery if your closed ones are with you…
    Thank you for the review….

    • Totally agree with you Fatima, a bad ending to a really good drama serial. Why do our writers have such a tough time punishing the criminals?!! That’s why I liked Meri Gurya’s ending, the rapist got the punishment he deserved.

      You’re welcome.

  • I have exactly same thoughts! Everything since drama started has been perfect…. There was no dragging, performances were top notch, story had no loop holes…. The whole journey for seeking justice was shown amazingly unlike cheekh… Inkaar has been one amazing drama and hope for people out there that there is delay but you will get justice…journey is going to be difficult but it is going to be worth waiting for…
    But like as u said we all wanted to see Rehan behind bars…ending wasnt the one we wanted the way it has been shown… And we also needed atleast one scene of Shayan and Hajra alone…Shayan should have been given some appreciation…He deserved it!

    But overall the drama had been great! Thankyou for your great reviews Fatima!

    • Yes! Shayan bechara, did so much for Hajra but did not get the acknowledgement and screen time he deserved in this last episode.

      Yes, overall it was wonderful. You’re most welcome DV. Appreciate your feedback.

      • I have just been reading ur reviews since last 2 months, never expected this to end so fast. From the review its not clear whether hajra ended with Shayan or not?

  • Hi Fatima! Hope you are good! Commenting on something for the first time in my life! I guess this explains the frustration this ending has caused me! I am a very ardent lover of Pakistani dramas since like forever!Really enjoy reading all of your reviews! Infact it has become like something compulsory to read your reviews after watching every drama!

    • Hello Anonymous, so glad you decided to comment. Thank you so much for reading the reviews and most importantly for commenting, really appreciate it.

  • Coming back to inkaar! Well it was so well made that i cant explain! Really amazing piece of work as you have already mentioned in your reviews! But this culture of forgiving in the end should stop! Its a fact that people like these dont change! So many examples are there right infront of us! So to show that this act of kindness touched Rehans heart is really hard to believe! I felt really dissapointed with this ending! Inkaar indeed was a masterpiece but the ending left alot to be desired.

    • Yes, it was a wonderful play, loved watching every single episode but too bad it had such a disappointing ending. Yumna Zaidi and Rehan Sheikh acted so well. Loved watching quite a few strong men in this drama who redefined what strength really means.

  • I couldn’t agree with Hajra’s reasoning but last 5 minutes changed my perspective. Yes being practical he should be serving his punishment but what’s that punishment? Just 4 years or max 7 years and they are nothing. You don’t know a man’s ego and especially the ego of Men like Rehan….i can guarantee you that after coming back from jail he would have killed her and that would be a reality too. Haven’t you looked at Shahrukh jatoi when CJ of Pakistan visited his cell? He was still laughing and he has a punishment of death penalty. I haven’t watched sangat completely but I Know culprit was freed . Obviously you being a woman hate that but what punishment would he have gotten? According to law 7 years. We are Islamic state but our laws and punishment aren’t Islamic. People talk about child rape should be stopped but here i am telling you it won’t be stopped neither controlled. Unfortunately we and by that mostly women don’t know what ignites a man to do that extreme? Do you think that psychopath just fell from the sky? We don’t even address how men think? How our sexual urges are way more disturbing us than regular day to day problems… Anyways i am drifting off from the real topic
    I felt satisfied in the end. If this drama was written by a female he would have been in jail but it wouldn’t tell you what Rehan will do yo hajra after 4 years. I actually liked this ending. Zafar Mairaj kept it realistic all the way and unlike many of you here i still find it realistic. This has to be the best drama of the year. I can understand Zafar Mairaj’s pov and i can totally understand your views as well and why you are disappointed…
    Great job Fatima g throughout and believe me i still loved your today’s review

    • I think he still should not have been forgiven. Infact such people should be given therapies or should be treated in prison so once their punishment ends they come out as nice people…
      Also if we set such standards of forgiving just because men will be uncontrollable once they come out of prison then the whole purpose of justice fails…we will as a society fail… so why not recommend things or treatment that should be given to such guilty people in prison instead of forgiving and letting them move freely for the crime they committed….
      They are forgiven that is why even if they go in jails they come out with even more anger and revenge…they have no remorse over what they did!

    • I understood his point of view as well but don’t agree with it. I think some of our female writers are just as realistic and their scripts are equally well thought out. It’s not about gender, it’s about how you see things.

      I respect your opinion Ahsan, everyone has a different way of looking at things. Thanks a ton for liking the reviews and for your feedback, I always look forward to your comments.

    • Your comment is a good example of “Khaata Hai To Lagaata Bhi To Hai”, according to your damn logic, Hajra should forgive him so that he doesnt kill him once he is back.
      Justice and law be like= Am I a joke to you?

  • Spot on review Fatima as always. The fact that kept pinching my mind after this last episode was that since the drama was loosely based on the Khadija stabbing case which was immensely se rati
    sensationalized even in that case justice was served by the superior judiciary through soumoto action in which the release of the culprit was turned down and he got the seven years imprisonment sentence. Neither was he forgiven by the court for the heinous crime nor by Khadija herself and she and her family stood strong till the end of the proceedings to avenge the brutal act. How come the writer going so flawlessly throughout the entire drama such abruptly deviate in the finale serving baseless justifications. In 90% of the cases such forgivings granted to influential offenders like rehan chaudhry create further chaos in our society as they become super confident that they can again do whatever they want to and would easily get away with the consequences. I am rather feeling extremely bad for such a twisted ending of such a poignant and intelligently s scripted series.

    • Totally agree with you Osama. Khadija is a strong girl who did everything in her power to get justice and did not deny it when it was served. Also, people like Rehan don’t need maa ki goud, they need to be punished and then perhaps professional help. Good luck to the mom though LOL!! I had such a difficult time digesting this ending, this drama in the end had the same message as Khaani but it was presented really recklessly in this last episode.

  • Thank u for the review. This had become my favorite current drama. Two parts I fell did not justify; Gullu Badshah’s extra judicial killing and Rehan being forgiven even when he was not apologetic. I felt it was not just about one case, but rather all those crimes that are committed because someone believes s/he can get away with any and everything due their influential background and power differential.
    I really liked the binding Hajra shared with her father. I also like how Shayan sticked with Hajra thick or thin.
    Unlike Cheekh, where miracles happened in last episode during the court session, here the court proceeding was well calculated. Rather than witness turning brave overnight, they testified half truth. It made sense.
    Though, as I said above, I did not like ending, but must say for Chowdry Sahab his polished wife failed even after all her cunning business and uneducated wife won through an apology.

    • You’re most welcome Pakistani but in my opinion Hajra failed herself because in the end it was all about getting validation from everyone which was truly sad.

      Special thanks to you for being such a regular reader and for your contribution to the discussions.

      • You are so right Fatima! After watching this last episode i felt like they just wasted the whole purpose of this drama!Matlab is this Hajra was fighting for! Peoples validation? No she was not ,never did i feel like this during all the episodes but the end was quite contradictory! They say na “sari mehnat pe pani pher dia”.Lol

  • Hi Fatima, this is second time- I am commenting on this drama on your website.

    It was a hell for Hajra even in both cases, if he was freed or jailed and returned after seven years of imprisonment, I agree on this with many commentators above.

    What I didn’t like, that to get justice in Pakistan- you need people like Murtaza Malik behind you to reach to the finale!

    Whatever happened to him to realise his mistakes, but that didn’t go well to conclude that commoners will get justice, if you are battling all by yourself.
    Also, he traded a brave girl over his stupid son- perfect establishment guy decision to make her a part of his system!

    This battle is not over yet, this is not a true justice – we were not served justice, as only Politician got his punishment, but not anyone else in this whole battle!

    If they could have decided a house arrest of Rehan in his mom’s place, would at least give us something to cheers for.

    Anyway, was not easy to get justice in Pakistan already! People kill you before anyone else!

    I was here to vent my frustrations after watching both episodes today!

    Best regards

      • It is mostly applies to political figures to control their movements – that’s fits well in his case as well, as he was a scion of a politician and could easily then get his rehabilitation during his stay at his home for few years.

  • Can someone please share the link of second last episode
    I can’t find it on YouTube

  • I watch it on google & I only found 23 last episode of 36 mins which was the 2cd part they showed the last episode clips which was the court scenes b4 the lawyer came up with the tape even then it repeated some of the scenes in between, but the ending was there, I will look up the last part tomorrow to see if I missed anything but the main scenes were there then I went on youtube & i saw the 1st part with the court scenes with the witnesses
    I too was thinking that Shayan’s father got away with killing the main character but Rehaan’s parents made him do that & he did help at the end so maybe that was taken into account, I didn’t like the fact that Rehaan got away but if he changed himself to a better man then maybe it’s not too shocking, the funny thing is that not his stepmother but his real mother saved him in the end, whom he didn’t give the time of day to, plus the main thing is that the whole world knew about what Rehaan did to Hajra
    if nothing else the ending was a lot better than Cheekh, very well written & beautifully acted out

    • Yes there is absolutely no comparison there, this drama was logical right till the end even though the ending didn’t work for me but Inkaar never dragged and it was never one of those commercial dramas which use an issue to get ratings like Cheekh did. Rehan showed no remorse, just a few tears in the end, I didn’t find that convincing enough.

      Appreciate your feedback Shameem. The last episode is available online now.

      • I checked out the 2cd part, it was the same one that I watched on google, it was repeated in the middle for some reason, I would have been good to see Rehaan go to jail because it just wasn’t the because of the drugs he was taking & was spoilt by his mom but he was like that when he was a small boy remember what he did with Shayan’s animal that was real sick, so he can’t change just like that overnight just because he was saved from a jail sentence but overall I can live with it cause it was very well written & kept just to the point

  • Complete ending with power message ..have u not seen the last dialogue b/w mother and son??
    Baaz auqaat zalim ko maaf karna he sab se bari saza hoti hai ..
    Meri zaat zarr e bai neshan mai saba ne aisa nahi kiya tha ? Samina pirzada kehti rahi mujhai jhootai maaro , mujh pai thooko , kya fysal qureshi ne nahi kaha tha ka lanat malamat kuch to kaho taakai merai dard mai kami ..

    Gullu baadshah ne khud bhi kaye qatal kiyai thai so wo usi padaash mai chala gaya ..

    And thanks GoD usai jail mai band nahi kiya warna baaqi ghesi phitti stories ki tarah ye story bhi hojaati ..

    Rehan ki maa ne usai apnai qaid mai qaid karleya nashunuma wo karsakti hai wo jail mai nahi hosakti ..

    Aap baqi dramas ki misaal dai kar apnai point ko justify kar rahi hai magar mai ne haqeeqat mai kaye cases dhaikai hain jis mai mujrim bazyaab hokar saarai ghar waalo ko maar deta hai ..

    Jail mai reh kar uski step mother usai aur bhi bharkaati uska baap aur bhi ghalat tareeqai apnaata ..aur usai poora janwar bana deta ..

    Thanks zafar miraj for this master piece ..

    • Yeh drama jis case pe mabni tha us ki yeh ending nahi thi. Ji bilkul drama end tuk dekha lekin mjhe bilkul acha nahi laga maaf krne ka yeh sabaq. Kitne ghise pite dramay aise end hue?? Jahan tuk mjhe yaad hei hamare dramu mei mardu ko maaf krna ek aam si baat hei beshak wo ek rapist ho (sangat) ya phr ek shohar jis ne sari zindagi bewafai ki hu.

      There was nothing new about this ending at all. Aurtu ko maaf krne ka sabq prhana hei tu Khadija ke case ko base bana ke drama na likhte, us ne apni jung lari aur apne mulzim ko saza dilwaye. LOL!! Acha tu Gullu badshah ne qatal kiye tu us ka qatal maaf hei phr tu us ko bhi maaf kr dena chahyeh tha jese Rehan ko kr diya. us ko bhi maa ki goud chahyeh ho gi haha.

        • Gender issues are real issues, lots of dramas in which women were severely punishment and men were forgiven. Hm nahi le kr aye ye tu hei hi.

          • Mai koye bhi explanation bhi dun ..aap ne agree phir bhi nahi karna ..leave ..
            Last epi mujhai complete lagi aur apko nahi ..
            U disappointed with writer approach in last epi and m disappointed with ur last epi review ..

          • Kuch nahi hota disagreement acha hota hei, different point of views hone chahyeh. Hm ek dusre ko convince nahi kr rahe bs baat kr rahe hei.

            LOL!! Theek hei ji banta hei, aap ko haq hei aap jis cheez ke sath mrzi disappoint ho. Khush rahei

          • Ham 6 saalo se apkai reviews follow kartai hain ..bus hamari pehli jang e azeem “kankar ” kai doraan huwi thi aap bht ghussa karti thi ..

            But apki tabiyat mai bht tehraao aa gaya hai ..apki last reply dhaik kar mujhai bht bht bht acha laga ..thanks alot ..

          • Hahaha really, mazay ki baat hei yeh tu. Jangei krna chor di hei meinay, aman pasand ho gaye hu LOL!! Buhat shukriya, mjhe acha laga ke aap ko meri baat pasand aye. You’re always welcome.

    • Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan ki story bilkul different thi us dramay ka is ke sath koi comparison hi nahi hei. Us mei koi criminal nahi tha, ek sazishi aurat ne kisi ka ghr barbad kiya, kisi ko chaku nahi mare aur na hi logo ko marwaya.

  • AOA @fatima. I hope you are doing great. Indeed it was one of the best drama i have ever seen but i am very disappointed with the writer Zafar Maraj i mean how you can forgive someone who has given sleepless nights to a family, who have spoiled their life, who has dont everything to make their life miserable and also why Rehan mother didn’t call his son when he was kidnapping Hajra brother OMG this forgive drama doesn’t make any sense but apart from that this drama is perfect.
    Yumna Zaidi OMG i have huge respect for her and trust me she is the best actress we have currently even she has beaten Saba Qamar acting in DSJHS and in Inkaar and Rehan sir wow he was so so amazing and his acting deserves standing ovation .
    Thank you for reviewing it and one thing which i loved about the drama is that Inkar mean Inkar that was fantastic.
    Great Great drama to comeout from HUMTV but i wish they have not forgiven rehan then it would be more perfect

    • WAA @ Amir. I am doing very well, thank you. How are you doing? LOL @ forgive drama, well said.

      Yes! Yumna is amazing, my favorite. Such a natural actress, always delivers.

      You’re most welcome Amir, yes that was a really good message and so many others. Loved Hajra’s dialogues during the trial in the past few weeks.

      Yes! HUM needs to toughen up LOL!!

  • Inkaar had been a marvelous drama. I liked every bit of it. I also am not happy with the forgiving sequence, but still the last episode was wonderful to watch. It had such beautifully written dialogues and very emotional scenes. The drama was fast paced and was not dragged even a little. This was the best thing about Inkaar. Everything that Rehan Sheikh said was exceptional. What an amazing father he was. And i loved Hajra’s dialogue that “main us khon ko mauf kar skti hon jo meray zakhmon sy nikla magar un ansoan ko nahi jo meray bap ki chadar main jazb ho gae”. Thumbs up Zafar Mairaj sahab.
    I am sorry Fatima but i think you were so disappointed with the ending that you didn’t praise the drama enough, which you really liked till the second last episode.
    And yes one thing about Murtaza Malik. I think what he did changed the fate of Hajra and her case. People like Gullo Badshah always meet this fate at some point in their life. They are always killed by the very people they serve their whole lives.
    This drama was a masterpiece and it presented the case of Khadija Siddique in the best way possible. I wish that perceptions of many people get changed after watching this.

    • You don’t have to be sorry. Yes indeed, I didn’t which is quite natural if a drama like this one ends in such a bizarre manner. I did however praise the performances, the script and the direction every single week for more than 20 weeks and all those regular readers like you who read the reviews know how much I liked this drama. Even though I was disappointed with the ending but I still appreciated the good bits. I am glad you liked the ending.

      • Fatima the reason that u find it hard that Rehaan is freed from jail is because we were not expecting his mother to say that because right from the start she didn’t take Rehaan’s side so we expected her to except whatever jail sentence that was agreed

        • Also because the writer took inspiration from Khadija’s case which ended in a completely different manner in real life. Her real life case was a true story of courage, wish they wouldn’t have forgiven the criminal and had taken inspiration from her ending. Also, Rehan’s character was sooo twisted, not the kind of person who would feel remorse so easily, not very convincing.

  • I watched it on TV last night and found the ending to be complete. It was a complete ending with no plot holes and everything was conveyed beautifully. Hajra’s decision did come as a surprise but i think if a person is willing to forgive his culprit, that is totally okay too (if he does it out of his own will without any pressure) as there does exist a valid option of forgiveness so i was fine with it. Baki i don’t agree with Chodrayen’s thinking that had she not forgiven him , he would’ve come back stronger because i think when a court can punish him once, so can multiple times so he knows this is not an option.
    Loved it totally! And your reviews…!!

    • I agree with you. Everything was perfect.
      It reminded me of PTV dramas.
      After years, we got something that actually may be defined as a good drama.
      Just awesome.
      Hats off to the whole team.

    • Glad you liked the ending Sidra. Very interesting insights, it is always good reading a different point of view. Thanks a ton for reading the reviews and for sharing your views, I appreciate your feedback.

  • Plus fatima plz guide me on how to make an account on this forum so that all my comments are saved like they used to be at Disqus :)

  • I loved loved loved this drama. Every episode , dialogues, direction, acting, NO MAKE UP (Thankfully). What not to mention. Everyone did a commendable job. I must mention Ali Tahir here as well. I think he has acted in a play after a break and did his job perfectly.
    I, too am disappointed with Hajra’s decision. I think the writer should’ve at least given him punishment or even they could’ve shown utter failure of his father as a Politician (he loses the elections n all). But these points were missing.
    Am surely gonna miss this play. I wonder which serial is replacing it ?

    • Yes, like they showed in Khaani. Khaani was a drag-fest but it had a much better ending. This show overall was great no doubt, the best this season, loved it.

      I will miss it too. Not sure yet.

  • They should have taken a cue from Mohabbat Tum se Nafrat Hai….”jo pachhtaway ko daleel samajhte hain woh mohabbat ko deserve nahi karte”

    Likewise a person who had should all kind of arrogance, shamlessness, misused his father’s powers also. I think his father should also be held guilty for so much manipulation of the system.

    If criminals are let off so easily…they will forget the incident in days or weeks and go back to being even more corrupt.

    Rehan should have been punished so strictly that it became a matter of fear. His father should have been banned from politics owing to his misconduct and making fun of the whole system.

    Maafi itni bhi aasan nai honi chahiye ke pehle mazaq bane phir misuse ho.

  • Inkaar, powerful drama with a perfect message for new young generation who get carried away once they are exposed to elite class n no matter how balanced the girl/ boy is at times tend to forget the trust instilled in them by their parents . Last episode was much awaited , it started well , court scenes m the expressions of both the parties were good enough hence no dialogues , to display wt they wanted to say. It would have been more balanced if a few years “ prison life n then released on good n improved behaviour ‘ would have conveyed the message to the audience that a hard core criminal deserves such life be he is from elite class , emotional decision has its power but surely not in such cases where a criminal cannot go scotfree even after committing not one but many heinous crimes to many —-! Step Mom needed a penalty for harrasing the witnesses .

  • Rehan was a disturbed young man because his father was a typical rich zamindar who ignored Rehan’s mother and married a clever and unscrupulous woman who encouraged Rehan to become an addict. Such individuals deserve pity therefore it does make some sense that he was forgiven by Hajra in the end.

  • قلمکار معاشرتی سچائیوں کو گہرائی کے ساتھ دیکھتا اور محسوس کرتا ہے ، اس میں کوئی شک نہیں کہ ہماری جیلیں مجرم کو سزا کے دوران انسان نہیں بناتیں بلکہ انھیں ایک ظالم انسان بنا کر باہر کی دنیا میں بھیج دیتی ہیں ریحان کی تربیت قصوروار دکھائی گئی اسی لیے اسے تربیت کے لیے ماں کے پاس بھیج دیا گیا ، سات سال کے بعد وہ بہت ساری حاجراؤں کا دشمن ہوتا اور یہ انتقامی کارروائی چلتی ہی رہتی ، معاف کرنے کے پیچھے بھی یہ ہی ریزن ہوتا ہے کہ ہمارے ہاں مجرم کا سدھار نہیں ہوتا اور پھر اس طرح کی لڑائیوں میں انسان ایک دوسرے کے ساتھ نفرت پر ساری مثبت توانائیاں صرف کر دیتا ہے جس کا نقصان پوری نسل کو ہوتا ہے ، میں ذاتی طور پر ایسے حالات سے گزر چکی ہوں اور میں جانتی ہوں اس ایک ایک دن کی تکلیف اور ڈیپریشن اس لیے یہ جو ریلیف حاجرہ ریحان کو دیا خود کو دیا یہ بہت ساروں کے قابل قبول نہ بھی ہو تب بھی ہمارے جیسے معاشروں میں یہ قابل عمل ہے اور اس کی بنیاد پر ہم ایک اچھے پر امن معاشرے کی امید کر سکتے ہیں

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