Khud Parast Episode 25 Story Review – Meaningful Conversations

Opening Thoughts – Good Episode After Weeks:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khud Parast after a lot of episodes was really good. After quite a few weeks, I did actually feel that I was watching the same drama that I loved & enjoyed watching before. Unfortunately, since so much wrong has happened; they are now going to focus on the severe & grave consequences, which kind of made me sad but then they also opened up a new chapter of hope & light which compensated a great deal, but I am still not sure how I feel about it, but overall, I enjoyed watching this episode of Khud Parast.

What Goes Around, Comes Around:

In this episode, they showed almost everyone paying the price for what they have done, reaping the rewards of what they sowed & none of them got spared, which actually is how the karma rolls. This is what the story of Khud Parast is all about, it has emphasized on how being selfish & wrongdoer will get one nowhere & now everyone is facing the brunt, one way or the other.

Asma did start the conversation about Hanan & Beenish’s marriage which obviously didn’t sit well with Hanan but out of respect, he allowed her to complete what she wanted to say. All the things Hanan said to his friend about Beenish went to show that he thinks about her, not for any other reason but just because he has seen her for a long period of time, wasting her life away for someone. I liked how despite knowing what Asma said to him, he kept his demeanour exactly the same, just the way it used to be in front of Beenish. Hanan on own his might be doing some thinking but he never once let it show to Beenish or made her uncomfortable. It was also sweet how Hanan inquired about his mother from his friend but then assumed that she must have forgotten him, sad.

The conversations that Beenish & Hanan had were my favourite parts of this episode. I still don’t think they should end up together but yes, when they two are interacting, it is always a pleasant conversation where Beenish always guides him & helps him put the pieces of puzzles at the right spot. Hanan did ask Beenish about his & her mistake, something that was bothering him all this while & all the things Beenish said were so accurate. Hanan did realize that he expected Uswa to be the ideal wife but never once paid attention to the fact that he should also try to be an ideal husband for her. Beenish has realized that she let the oppressors oppress her even more because she chose to suffer in silence which ended up becoming her weakness & made her vulnerable. Beenish lead life thinking she was nothing without Moeez & that she had to put up with him but now the circumstances have taught her that she can do so much better & it is good to see her attaining confidence in herself.

Uswa has finally started seeing Adeel for who he is rather it can be said that Adeel has started to show his true colours. He has gotten all the money that Uswa had & he is using it to his heart’s content. At least Adeel’s father feels for Uswa but his mother is no different to Bakhtawar who believes that a wife should put up with all that her husband does & should allow him the liberty & freedom that he desires. Uswa is getting frustrated but so far she hasn’t done anything outrageous to be heard. She is giving one warning after another but Adeel stays unaffected. The first shock that Uswa got was of Adeel’s disloyalty & the second she got was finding out that she will never be able to have a child. Zarina as well as Khatoon Bibi have finally pushed Uswa to the verge where she started thinking that things were going wrong because of a reason & everything was deliberately slipping away from her as well as all those around her who once supported her in ruining Hanan & Beenish’s life. Khatoon Bibi faced her consequences too & unfortunately, Zarina is dealing with her own as well.

Moeez chose not to even recognize Bakhtawar. All this while I used to wonder what will happen to Moeez but in this episode, I kind of got my answer. Hanan did mention that Moeez’s competitor hired him so it looks like Moeez will lose all of his business & go bankrupt, that is when his wife will leave him too & he will be left alone, empty handed. Well, it does seem like a right thing to happen to Moeez but yes, I want someone to rescue Bakhtawar, be it for the sake of apologizing to Beenish & Hanan but she should not just die like this.

Closing Thoughts – Meaningful Conversations:

Overall, this episode of Khud Parast was really nice with a lot of meaningful & deep conversations to its credit. I can say it was after week that I enjoyed watching this drama. Next episode holds even more trials for Uswa & I want to see how she will finally be broken & shattered. All the actors have done a great job especially Shehzad Sheikh, he really has made Hanan’s character special & very likeable. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khud Parast.

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