Lookalikes of Pakistani Actors From Around The World

It rarely happens that someone from around the world looks so much like one of our own celebrities. With the advent of social media, people have easy access to the outside world. This is the reason why even when random people or social media sensations post their pictures on social media, they catch the attention of Pakistanis because they look like one of our own stars. Lookalikes or doppelgangers themselves find it equally interesting just how much they resemble someone they don’t even know. Especially when it is someone who comes from a different country and has a completely different background.

We have all read many articles about the celebrity look-alikes of Pakistanis from Bollywood and Hollywood. This is a new compilation of lookalikes of Pakistani actors from different parts of the world. All of these people who look like Pakistani celebrities are not celebrities themselves.

Here is the latest list of the lookalikes of Pakistani actors from around the world.

Mehwish Hayat Lookalike From Iraq

Mehwish Hayat has a lookalike who hails from Iraq. Her name is Lady Roza, she is an influencer and she is also a blogger, RJ, and certified stylist. Lady Roza is also a presenter at MBC and has a massive fan following on Instagram. Interestingly enough her hairstyle is almost like that of Mehwish Hayat. Looking at these comparison pictures, it is evident that both of them have an uncanny resemblance. Mehwish Hayat also looks a lot like the Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri and she has some resemblance with the owner of Huda Beauty, Huda Kattan. Therefore it is interesting that she has more than one lookalike. Look at these comparison pictures and tell us what you think!

Mehwish Hayat Mehwish Hayat1 Mehwish Hayat2
Iqra Aziz Lookalike From Lebanon

Iqra Aziz is another Pakistani celebrity who has an attractive face and she is one of the most popular celebrities in the country. Iqra Aziz’s lookalike from Beirut Lebanon is a passionate young artist who also loves to sing. She is not as active on social media as the rest of the lookalikes on this list but she is the only one who was equally surprised by how much she resembled Iqra. She also posted a special interview in which she sent love for Pakistanis and showed her desire to visit Pakistan. It was actually Iqra’s sister Sidra who discovered her and when she commented on her tweet, she immediately got a reply back!


Here are some pictures of Iqra and Nour. Both of them have the most beautiful eyes and the most contagious smiles.

Iqra Aziz lookalike Iqra Aziz lookalike1 Iqra Aziz3

Mahira Khan Lookalike From Pakistan

Mahira Khan doesn’t have the typical Eastern features yet there is a girl out there who looks exactly like Mahira. Kurasah Anwer, a lifestyle blogger on Instagram who has apparently also done a few commercials with Mahira Khan did not get the kind of attention which many of the international look-alikes of Pakistani stars got when the fact that she was Mahira’s lookalike became common knowledge. When different blogs started posting how identical Kurasah was to Mahira, she got a lot of hate. So much so that people even said that she got plastic surgery done to look like Mahira. That is when she revealed that she signed up with Citrus Talent when she was 14 and since then many people have told her that she looks like Mahira Khan yet she has never let that influence who she is as a person!

Mahira Khan4

Here are some pictures which clearly show how much resemblance these two have. They have almost the same features and it is certainly delightful that even after knowing fully well that Kurasah looks like the superstar Mahira Khan, she did not change her style or looks to copy Mahira.

Mahira Khan 7 Mahira Khan1 Mahira Khan2

Hamza Ali Abbasi Lookalike From Turkey

Hamza Ali Abbasi’s lookalike is not just another social media sensation but a really talented actor from Turkey who is now equally famous in Pakistan. Engin Altan Düzyatan is a Turkish actor who has won over the Pakistani viewers due to his impeccable performance in the Turkish series Ertugrul Ghazi which has been a massive hit in Pakistan. Engin Altan Düzyatan is often compared to Hamza Ali Abbasi. Looking at these comparison pictures makes it all too clear that these two actors definitely have some resemblance. What do you think?

Hamza Ali Abbasi 2 Hamza Ali abbasi1

Hamza Ali

Humaima Malick Lookalike From Turkey

Humaima Malick and Turkish actress Burcin Abdullah have an uncanny resemblance. Burcin Abdullah has many notable Turkish projects to her credit. She also played an important role in the popular series Ertugrul Ghazi. Therefore Burcin is a face many Pakistanis are familiar with. Her get-up in the Turkish series Ertugrul Ghazi was such that she didn’t look a lot like Humaima but when you look at her actual pictures, the two actresses look a lot like each other. Here are some comparison pictures which show the resemblance.

Humaima Malick Humaima Humaima1

So, what do you think? Do these lookalikes really look alike? Isn’t this such an amazing coincidence? Feel free to add more names.


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