Main Shahrukh Khan Hoon Short Film Released – Public Reaction

Main Shahrukh Khan Hoon is an Iris Inc’s short film, Iris Inc is a new YouTube platform which will be releasing new and unique short films for the viewers. The short film Main Shahrukh Khan Hoon features talented Pakistani actor & Singer Mohsin Abbas Haider in the lead role. The short film has been directed by Cheekh famed director Badar Mehmood. It has been produced by Shakil Hussain Khan & Adnnan Soddha. The short film has been written by Hamza Ibne Wasi.

The short film is about an aspiring actor who loves Shahrukh Khan and copies him all the time, the character lost his identity in the love of Shahrukh Khan. The actor ended up being an extra performer who used to do short characters in which he used to copy Shahrukh Khan. The movie starts with the dialogue when actor is doing mimicry of Shahrukh Khan, he, then gets schooled by his conscience on losing his identity for the sake of following his passion and his idol.

The movie only stars Mohsin Abbas Haider as five different characters which include lawyer, policeman & actor. In the end, the aspiring actor successfully regained his own identity by refusing being Shahrukh Khan for a short role as an extra actor. Here is the short film !

Those who have watched the film are saying that it is indeed a nice effort by the director and actor duo. A viewer said, “Mohsin Abbas Haider always proves himself in any project”. Fans praised the movie’s concept on identity crisis. One viewer said that mostly Indian and Pakistani actors fall prey to identity crisis. Here are comments!

What’s your take on this short film? Do let us know!

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