Model & Dancer Usman Baig Story Of Leaving Showbiz Industry

In this modern era, it is not easy to choose a completely religious path when a person is young and he is seeing and experiencing a vibrant and prosperous career in the Showbiz industry. Recently, a young and talented Lollywood dancer and model chose the religious path over showbiz. The young model and dancer Usman Baig, who worked with Nargis, Deedar and many other actors, completely switched his career from a dancer to a religious preacher. Former Pakistani model Usman Baig opened up about leaving Islam.

Talking about it, he said, “I was fond of dancing, after college, I started it professionally, I worked with many popular actors and I did many solo performances. Sooner, I started thinking that showbiz is not my field and I was becoming anxious, I was losing my peace, I prayed to Allah for peace and Allah paved a way for me, first my mother told me to be religious. I also went to Aitkaf, I met with many religious scholars and got the guidance. It is Allah’s blessing that people respect me now instead of trolling me, I am also earning well, previously, I was earning well but it was haram. Now I earn halal. I want to make my son as scholar”

Public praised his decision of reverting completely towards Islam. Here are the comments:

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