Moor (مور), music by Strings

Moor (مور)is an upcoming film releasing on 14th August 2015. Famous music band Strings has composed the music while Anwar Maqsood has provided lyrics.

There are a total of eight different songs of Moor, however one song Peeraan Hoo is removed from the album due to some copyright issues.

Here is the list of the songs with Singer names

1- Jogiya (Javed Bashir)
2- Eva (Meesha Shafi)
3- Tum Ho (Strings)
4- Gul Bashri (Raheem Shah)
5- Jeye Jeye Ja (Rehma Abid Ali, Noman Ali, Nisha Ali)
6- Talabgar Hoon (Javed Bashir)
7- Ku Ku Ku (Strings)

The whole album is available for listening at

Here are the teasers of few songs

Eva by Meesha Shafi

Ku Ku Ku by Strings

Talabgaar by Javed Bashir


Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali