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“Naimal Khawar was Pregnant Before Marriage” – More Allegations

Naimal Khawar and Hamza Ali Abbasi tried their best to keep the attention off of them but it looks like that is just not possible. Being a celebrity means that people will say things about you which are not always true but sometimes these things can be way more bizarre than one could have imagined.

Hamza Naimal3

Soon after Naimal and Hamza got married a girl claimed to be Hamza’s first wife. She took to twitter to tell her ‘sad story’. No one believed her but that did not stop her from making even more allegations.


This time around she took to social media to make yet another allegation. According to Aneela, Naimal Khawar was pregnant even before she got married. She also said that this is the reason why the wedding was done in a rush and Naimal did not even get the time to pick a proper outfit for herself.

Naimal Khawar 4

No one is buying what Aneela has to say. People are either mocking her or telling her to show proof of her relationship with Hamza Ali Abbasi.



  • At least reviewit you should show some decency and should not share something like that on your website .who ever this woman is dont know that placing such accusations on a chaste person is gunah ay kabeera we should all refrain from this type of activity.

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