Neem Episode 3 Review – Syed Jibran Steals the Show

This recent episode of Neem had the most important and grimmest development to its credit. The promo of this episode clearly suggested that Baba Jan was going to exit the story but the way this exit was covered, had to be the highlight of tonight’s episode. The build-up leading to the actual scene was not just convincing but also engaging and suspenseful. Karamat’s panic attack after he did the unimaginable showed Syed Jibran’s range as a brilliant performer. Unfortunately, Syed Jibran only gets to showcase his remarkable acting skills in negative roles. However, I do feel that even though he is constantly cast in such characters, he always manages to bring something new to the table. He is not like other actors who are typecast because every time his character tells a different story and his performances always stand out. Tonight’s episode belonged to Syed Jibran who took the task at hand in his stride and actually managed to make the viewers relate to his character at a time when all we should have been feeling was hate and contempt. With this episode, the story is bound to shift in a completely different direction.

Neem Episode 3 Review – Syed Jibran Steals the Show

Baba Jan’s Exit

Right from the opening scenes till the last one, the focus was entirely on Karamat more than any other character. He decided to confront his father after he found out about the legal work that was in process. Yousuf Bashir Qureshi’s character and its dynamics are a lot like that of the one he played in Kuch Ankahi. Especially Baba Jan’s relationship with his son is more or less the same. Their scenes together remind me of the father/son scenes from Kuch Ankahi. Both the confrontation scenes were well written and executed. The camera work was also impressive.

These scenes, more than ever before, highlighted the difference in thoughts and perspectives of these two individuals. While Karamat was fully convinced that he deserved a share in his father’s assets more than anyone else, his father clearly did not feel that he was worthy or that it was the right thing to do. Ye jaidad aap ke pas amanat hey aap is mein khyanat nahin kr sakte summed up Karamat’s stance in one sentence. Mein jab chahun jis ko chahoon jis ke naam chahun zameen kr sakta hu was a reply that said a great deal about Baba Jan’s character. I guess we all know now where Karamat’s sternness comes from because Baba Jan had that side to his personality as well but because he was a philanthropist, it became his strength. It also became clear why despite all the wealth, Karamat’s lifestyle was not grand. Baba Jan lived a simple life and obviously did not give Karamat enough to afford a luxurious lifestyle.

Neem Episode 3 Review – Syed Jibran Steals the Show

Baba Jan’s positive character was translated on screen with the utmost precision. I was not ready or pleased when I found out last week that we will see this character make an exit soon. However, after watching this episode, I am really satisfied with the way it exited and I can also see how important this exit is for the plot to move forward in a different direction. Karamat and Baba Jan’s first scene together and its aftermath was faultless. That is when Karamat figured out that his father was bent on acting on his decision and his father knew he needed to speed things up otherwise Karamat will try to hinder him.

Zimal’s Track

Zimal was shown working towards the betterment of the educational system and this time around her focus was on the importance of extra-curricular activities. I must say that there were quite a few dialogues in this episode that came across as unnecessarily preachy. Apart from the reasons elaborated on by Zimal in this particular scene, a few of Shazil’s brother’s dialogues did not go well with his character. With Baba Jan’s death as Zimal said she was truly an orphan now because he was not just a father figure but also a mentor. Mawra Hocane did complete justice to all the scenes showing the sense of loss and even helplessness that Zimal felt. Shazil’s dialogues have been too plain especially when considering the fact that some of the other dialogues are well-written and ‘heavy’ at times. The words he uttered to console Zimal were too run-of-the-mill. Even Ashhad’s friend’s dialogue had more depth than Shazil’s character. This was the 3rd episode and even now Shazil’s character comes across as too plain and uninteresting.

Ashhad’s track revolves around Zimal; all his scenes have been more or less the same. Therefore, the only attraction in Zimal’s character is Zimal herself, these two men, so far, do not have much to contribute. On the other hand, Karamat seems to be the strongest contender since he has single-handedly changed the course of Zimal’s track. I hope that Ashhad and Shazil’s characters will have more to offer in the upcoming episodes.

Final Remarks

Overall, Neem is definitely the kind of drama that gives you a reason to tune into it every week. I must say that the first two episodes were far more meaningful and impactful than this one. If it weren’t for Syed Jibran’s mind-blowing performance in this episode, it would not have been as engaging as it was. The writer deserves the credit as well for penning down this latest development so well especially because for the first time we got to witness a villain feeling remorse and guilt in this manner. The need for self-preservation and greed for wealth, however, outweighed his troubled conscience. The cinematography in this recent episode was just as impressive as it was in the previous episodes.

Did you watch Neem’s latest episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • Hi Fatima, I have started developing an interest in this drama due to the dialogues and acting by Jibran. The episode-3 had very interesting dialogues at the beginning between babajaan and his son Karamat. Have you observed for each worry of Karamat that when Babajaan gives right justification, Karamat gets lost and in his conscious mind, he feels that what Babajaan is saying is right? but the very second moment he throws this feeling out of his mind and is on his path of bringing his so-called toxic upbringing by Babajaan due to his lectures and constant humiliation. I like the justification by Babajaan for each of his worries. The first one is about Allah watching us from the top by giving examples of the road & the people they see downhill. Second, about the future, nobody knows for sure what is going to happen but the surety of death everyone knows. For this justification, you see Karamat agrees but again reverses his worries from a different direction. And lastly, land owned by a human being is just a temporary tag to your name & it always belongs to Allah. If you stop here & see from the creation perspective, what he was saying is so true. We as human beings struggle our whole life to get a piece of land, leave it for our relatives, and die and they do the same. So, it is just a temporary association only. It’s like we are renting Allah’s land for time-being, not owning it at all.
    I will definitely miss such interpretations & explanations as Babajaan has died in this episode, but hope the drama continues to give an uncommon angle of each human perspective through other cast. Looks like through Zimal we will get such views because the playground discussion of her with the teacher was interesting. The teacher explains why grounds are empty due to smart phone & social media life, was very sad angel of the current society. But hope created by Zimal with the example of winning or losing your team with the last ball score, was mind blowing. No prize can match your feeling if you score the last ball correctly to make your team win the match. The feeling of your own existence in a team by giving the right contribution, is a Teamwork any Team demands for it & can’t object your contribution. Believe me, if this feeling develops in the players of any game (not just cricket), will make the Team shine in any competition. Another scene that I like most is just a dialogue from a mother who is looking for his son (Ashhad), “kisiki jaan liye baghair chain nai aayega tumhe.” This simple dialogue shows us that any mother when she does not find his son for a while only, is feeling like her soul has been taken out. A light comic angle comes through Shazil’s bhai. The guy is very unknown and always gives a politician’s image whenever he comes on screen, but the creator made him a non-earning & PR greedy male with a soft heart & kind husband in the drama. This is really an experiment, which is giving good feedback, At least I like it. His reply to Shazil about saving marriage while holding a dress for her wife during her online trading and his hidden Tu Tu Main Main with his wife when Zimmal’s brother asks about his daily routine was mind-blowing. It will be interesting to see how Ashhad gets involved in this web of characters because so far, he seems very outsider for everyone. Lastly, I am having very great applause for Syed Jibran for his acting skills. The feeling he shows at home when he returns after pushing his father from the hill with suffocation, shortness of breath, sweating & too thirsty of water, was at another level. That five mins scene wins my heart for his talent and the same scene shows us that a person who just drinks the blood of another person (I mean kills him), can only quench his thirst by water. Blood can never be a replacement for water.

  • Fatima Ji,

    A well written review by you, as always.
    Over the years, I have watched a few Syed Jibran dramas…. the actor’s performance grows in leaps and bounds as the drama’s arch moves forward… An example could be his acting in Aitbaar (Hum)
    But, Neem has introduced us to a “Method Actor” Syed Jibran’s performance after he kills his father is an Acting school or institution in itself…
    Fatima Ji, please allow me….

    Aamer, appreciate your view point…
    I mean it adds to giving us an insight into a hue of dimensions… welcome, keep writing….

    And yes, Fatima Ji, I am still hoping you will write a brief review on Yunhi at some point in time…
    Dawood’s conversation with Kim on “Shaadi ki Aimiyat” “Nibha” Bharosa, Yakeen is pure and un-diluted romance…. and that little twirl by Kim of the ring fingure, showed that she is slowly but surely falling in love with Dawood… simply brilliant…
    Happy to see you review Gunaah. Will comment on this later…

    Kuch Ankahi is moving towards a close and Saif (Ali Safina)is slowly, but surely is finiding his soul mate in Samiya (Mira Sethi)
    And then Alia (Sajal) either ways you are going to break the heart of so many fans rooting for Salman or Azfar…

    I am looking forward to your reviews on Neema…
    It’s been ages since Zarah Ji wrote a review… hope things are fine..

    Thank You & Regards,

  • Hi Fatima, Syed Jibran was outstanding in this episode, the last time i liked his performance so much was in Ranjha ranjha kardi. He is such a crule character, but the makers really explained very well where he comes from .