Noor Bukhari Criticizes Pakistani Celebrities Who Work In India

Celebrities are artists who don’t have any boundaries or limits. They work hard to earn money and to entertain the audience. Pakistani actors are ready to work internationally to gain massive popularity and fame. 


Noor Bukhari, who was an amazing actress, left the showbiz. She is now following the right path of Allah which is a true blessing. During an interview with Mohsin Bhatti on Gee Kay Sang, Noor Bukhari shared her personal lifestyle, experiences, and struggles she faced during her career. 

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Noor Bukhari criticized the Pakistani artists who work for Bollywood. She doesn’t understand why Pakistani artists work for India. They can work on an international level for fame and popularity. Pakistani celebrities who play lead roles in Pakistan play supporting roles in India and they are ok with it. 


India is killing innocent people in Kashmir and creating problems for Pakistan but knowing all the facts, Pakistani actors are still willing to work for India. Why? 

Tell us what you guys think about Noor Bukhari’s point of view in the comments section below. 

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  • First, who the hell is this Noor Bukhari ? nobody in India knows her, so she can keep her opinion with herself, nobody in India cares about her and her stupid views, since 1-2 yrs there is no paki artist working here, if somebody is here in hiding will be kicked out if discovered. We do not need your dumb pakis in India.

  • Bombay boy what makes you different from Noor Bukhari? Your reply indicates you’re no different! So be calm and think constructively. People like you and Noor keeps this stupid war Alive!!!!!

  • The artists that did work was during time of good will,since the banned no pak artist has gone to work in BW , so,,what is the problem !

  • Noor is following the right path. May Allah keep her on this track n help her in guiding other people how to set mind in adopting this path of life.

  • Allah SWT bless you always sister Noor. you are absolutely right…. Pakistan actors should not work in Bollywood.
    Lot of love and dua ‘s from indian occupied Kashmir.

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