Pakistani Actors Who Lost Their Charm

In any drama industry, it is very important for a drama-actor to stay consistent and choose their projects wisely in order to stay on top of their game. There are quite a lot of factors that deter the stars from maintaining their position and as time progresses they lose their charm and fan following. Not choosing good scripts, appearing in every other drama which has no substance, not improving in terms of acting are the main factors which have a negative impact on the actor’s career and as a result, they stop appealing to the drama viewers.

This list is based on those actors who probably got a good break or a very hit project to debut in but as time passed, their choices affected their careers badly. Some of these stars had huge fan-following because of the quality of their work but they resorted to commercialism, which left a bad impact on their career. Let’s have a look at all these actors who lost their charm over the period of time.

Feroze Khan

After giving a mind-blowing performance in hit drama serial Khaani, Feroze Khan raised the expectations of people. There were many viewers who looked forward to his next project. He made a really terrible choice by playing the lead in the serial Romeo Weds Heer. The Khaani producers wanted to cash in on Khaani’s success by casting Sana Javed and Feroze Khan in another project which was completely different from Khaani. Romeo Weds Heer turned out to be a bad attempt at comedy, nothing more and nothing less.

Although Feroze announced that he was bidding farewell to showbiz, he definitely lost his charm with the choice of projects he was a part of before retiring from showbiz. Ishqiya is his current drama serial in which his character and acting both are highly disappointing. He will be playing a leading role in Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 but the viewers don’t have a reason to look forward to it considering the bad choices he has made in the recent past.

Pakistani Actors Who Lost Their Charm

Sanam Jung

Sanam Jung made a comeback on television after such a long time yet the project she chose to work in was so pathetic that it is difficult to understand just what was going through her mind when she accepted such a pathetic play. Mein Na Janoo was the worst drama of the year, not only this, the character Sanam played, and the way she acted made many wonder if she would ever be seen in a good drama again.

Clearly, all those years of hosting talk shows took a toll on Sanam Jung and she failed to make the right choice. Now she is back to hosting Ramazan transmissions. Many fans were looking forward to Sanam’s comeback but now she has lost her charm. The viewers have no reason to look forward to whatever she has in store next. Sanam Jung had worked in some really good dramas before moving on to morning show hosting. That was the reason why most people expected her to make better choices.

No one is holding their breath, waiting for Sanam’s next drama thanks to the worst choice she made to make a comeback.

Pakistani Actors Who Lost Their Charm

Adeel Hussein

Adeel Hussein has only worked in a few dramas but he had managed to make a reputation for himself due to his good choices and great acting skills. When he decided to work in dramas again, no one could have guessed that instead of impressing his viewers, he will end up losing the charm he had. Adeel Hussein’s character in drama serial Daasi and the drama itself turned out to be below average.

The trust fans and followers had on Adeel Hussein is gone after this comeback drama. This definitely implied that he is not taking acting too seriously. Watching his unimpressive performance in the drama it was difficult to understand why he couldn’t perform well. His character itself was a caricature and his disappointing performance made it worse.

Pakistani Actors Who Lost Their Charm

Imran Abbas

There is no denying the fact that Imran Abbas is a phenomenal actor but lately, he has been part of some of the most mediocre dramas. Although Imran Abbas and Ayeza Khan make a great on-screen couple, their choice of projects certainly isn’t impressive. Imran Abbas is seen on-screen constantly but his projects most often are all the same. Thora Sa Haq has to be his worst drama to date.

Imran Abbas has been playing the nakam ashiq for the longest time but Zamin from Thora Sa Haq is a completely different story altogether. Imran needs to know his worth and stop being part of every other drama.  The story of the drama and Imran Abbas’ character is getting more ridiculous with every passing episode. Jo Tu Chahyeh is another drama starring Imran Abbas which has turned into a drag fest. His make-up seems to be going from bad to worse with every passing year. Imran Abbas really needs to rethink his choices and even his on-screen persona. The viewers expect better from an experienced actor like Imran Abbas.

Pakistani Actors Who Lost Their Charm

Sanam Baloch

Sanam Baloch was a huge star of our industry when she focused only on dramas. She has given so many super hit dramas and there was a time that it used to a done deal that if a drama stars Sanam Baloch, then it is bound to be amazing. This was the reason that all of her loyal fans were ecstatic when she announced her come back because they all expected something beyond brilliant along with Sanam Baloch’s spell-binding acting but we got Teri Raza instead. A drama based on a twisted character who resorted to Halala over love.

The fact that Teri Raza not only had a weak script, everything about it spelled disaster with a capital D. Sanam Baloch not only looked aged, in the initial episodes she also made it too obvious that morning show hosting had badly affected her acting skills and she was clearly struggling to even convey basic emotions on-screen which used to be a piece of cake for her back in the day. As the drama progressed, Sanam Baloch did come out of her hosting mode but there was nothing special about this drama, which made us wonder why she chose a disastrous drama like Teri Raza as her come-back project.

Sanam Baloch’s next drama Khaas was definitely a success but Sanam’s voice quality had deteriorated greatly, something which the fans noticed instantly. It would be safe to say that gone are the days when Sanam Baloch used to be the best thing about the projects she worked in. Even with the success of Khaas, Sanam did not manage to make the kind of comeback that an actor like her should have made. There was a time when Sanam Baloch was a part of every good drama, that is definitely not the case anymore.

Pakistani Actors Who Lost Their Charm

Shehroz Sabzwari

Shehroz Sabzwari got a strong start to his career because his initial dramas did really well and were a launchpad to an amazing career but his choices were nothing short of a nosedive and ever since, we are waiting to see him in something phenomenal but looks like we’ll have to wait for quite some time. Shehroz Sabzwari has struggled with finding a good script where he can showcase his talent and it seems that he has settled for mediocre dramas that are suitable for 7 or 9 PM slots.

Shehroz Sabzwari has not appeared in any such primetime drama which was a super hit. Shehroz Sabzwari has done quite a lot of work but unfortunately, none of that has left an impact. He also tried exploring the silver screen but even that was a disaster too, maybe this is not meant for him and we feel for him. He has sadly been typecast to the extreme after viewers liked his acting in Mana Ka Gharana. Whether it was Hasad or now Dil Ruba, Shehroz Sabzwari plays the bechara in every other drama.

Pakistani Actors Who Lost Their Charm

Ali Rehman

Ali Rehman’s initial drama Rishte Kuch Adhoore Se garnered a lot of viewership due to its controversial plot. His second project Mohabbat Abb Nahi Hogi was also a super hit that was liked by masses. He then got a chance to appear in the biggest hit of the year Diyar e Dil and he did really well but looks like after Diyar e Dil, he couldn’t find a project that would wow the viewers. Ever since Ali Rehman has done some films but when it comes to dramas, he has appeared in one mediocre drama after another and that is why it somehow seems to be a done deal that if Ali Rehman is starring in any drama, it is bound to be average. Probably this is why we don’t have much hope with his upcoming drama Khaas but here’s to hoping that it might impress us.

Ali Rehman nailed his character in Khaas without a doubt but he continued playing similar roles in his upcoming dramas as well. Surely the viewers expected more from someone who was off to such a good career. Ali Rehman even after all these years has not managed to gain the kind of popularity that makes viewers tune in to dramas because of his presence in them.

Pakistani Actors Who Lost Their Charm

Sanam Saeed

Sanam Saeed’s name in the cast of any drama used to act as a stamp of excellence but not anymore. Sanam Saeed appeared in one amazing and super hit drama after another where she effortlessly played such strong and substantial roles. Her raw and realistic approach towards her characters used to set her apart from her contemporaries and made the viewers feel and relate to her characters easily. Sanam Saeed did take a break but after coming back, she really has lost that drive, that charm which she used to have.

It now seems that Sanam Saeed doesn’t care much about the scripts and signs her projects as soon as she sees that they guarantee a paid-holiday. Dil Banjara was one example where her character was boring and didn’t have much going for it but hey, she went to Nepal. Now she is seen in drama serial Deedan and is using lightest foundation shade to make herself look like a Pukhtoon woman and again, a paid holiday up-North is any traveler’s dream. In Deedan, Resham was going through hell but her hair and makeup made it look as if she was ready to take over the ramp and walk for a fashion week as a show-stopper.

Sanam Saeed always kept her characters raw and real which was actually her strength but not anymore and we can’t emphasize enough that this new revamped image of hers is not doing wonders, at all.

Pakistani Actors Who Lost Their Charm

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan’s performance in dramas like Alvida, Yaar-e-Bewafa, Nazr-e-Bad, Mohabbat Aag Si,, and Bela Pur Ki Dayan won her acceptance and recognition. The viewers expected more from her because Sarah Khan established herself as a serious performer by being part of quality projects and she gave quite a few solid performances back-to-back. Unfortunately, just when the viewers expected even more versatility from Sarah Khan, she was continuously seen playing the role of the bechari aurat in every other drama. Her roles did not offer variety and she was clearly being typecast.

Ever since Yaar-e-Bewafa aired, Sarah Khan had been seen playing similar roles in many dramas. Mere Bewafa, Mere Humdum, and Band Khirkiyan are some of her recent plays in which the characters Sarah Khan played were clichéd to the core. There was a time when Sarah Khan’s name guaranteed novelty but sadly that is not the case anymore. Now in Sabaat although she is playing a negative character, it is definitely not the best negative character either. Although Sarah Khan talked so much about how long she had waited to shoot this project, it is quite apparent that Sarah Khan has focused more on her look in the drama than anything else.

Pakistani Actors Who Lost Their Charm


Agha Ali

Most of the viewers started taking Agha Ali more seriously as an actor when he starred in plays like Digest Writer and Tum Yaad Aye. He was especially impressive in drama serial Tum Yaad Aye since he translated his character brilliantly on screen. After this play, the viewers were eagerly waiting to see Agha Ali on screen again but with Andaz-e-Sitam everything changed. After this play, Agha Ali was seen playing negative and shallow characters in all the drama serials that followed.

Even when he was seen playing such roles in dramas like Mere Bewafa and Band Khirkiyan, he failed to do justice to his characters. It won’t be wrong to say that Agha Ali’s performances in the recent past have been monotonous and disappointing. The fact that Agha Ali has been concentrating more on his looks than his acting is a little too obvious lately. He is a talented individual who is surely capable of doing better, therefore, we hope that he will choose his projects more wisely in the future.

Pakistani Actors Who Lost Their Charm

Hina Altaf

Aik Thi Misaal was the first drama in which Hina Altaf was seen playing a meaty role. She did complete justice to her character and made the viewers feel for the girl who felt lost and abandoned. In drama serial Abroo and Udaari too Hina Altaf’s character was liked by the viewers. While losing weight and finding a new direction might have changed the course of Hina Altaf’s life otherwise, it definitely did not change the path of her career for good since she is now seen concentrating more on glamorous roles.

Even when Hina’s character in Aatish was going through the worst phase, the make-up was always on point. Hina Altaf shared in an interview that she wanted to be part of challenging projects but right now her projects have been more commercial than challenging. We are waiting to see Hina Altaf play a role that is memorable as well as demanding. Hina Altaf has failed to establish herself as an actor who makes you want to watch their plays.

Pakistani Actors Who Lost Their Charm

Faisal Rehman

Faisal Rehman is immensely talented and he is one of those very few actors who have been associated with the television industry for decades. Faisal Rehman has tons to offer yet he constantly chooses to be part of projects which offer no variation. There have been so many dramas in which he has been seen playing the role of a thankless, unfaithful, and bitter husband.

He is also continuously seen in dramas as the older married man who ends up having an affair with girls much younger than him. It is truly sad watching his talent go to waste playing roles which are all the same. Khoobsurat, Gumrah, Kesi Aurat Hoon Mei are some of the dramas in which he was seen playing similar roles. It is sad to see such talented actors settling for mediocre scripts just so they can pay their bills.

Pakistani Actors Who Lost Their Charm

Do share your thoughts about the actors on this list and don’t forget to add more names. Which actors in your opinion have lost their charms in recent times?


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