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Pakistani Actresses With The Most Beautiful Eyes

Pakistani drama and film industry has many actresses who are both beautiful and stylish. Eyes are the most important facial feature especially for actors because if an actor has big, beautiful and expressive eyes then it helps them in their performances too. There are many instances when actors do not have dialogues to portray the feelings of the character they are playing so they have to express themselves through their facial expressions. All those actresses in this list do not only have beautiful eyes but they also put these eyes to full use when they are acting.

Here are the top 5 actresses of Pakistani drama industry with the most beautiful and expressive eyes

Sajal Ali

Sajal Ali’s eyes are the most prominent and beautiful feature on her face. Her innocent and expressive eyes go well with her overall features. Usually Sajal does not wear a lot of make-up in dramas but when she is seen in award shows or other functions her eyes stand out even more with make-up that enhances their beauty. It is also a fact that Sajal Ali’s eyes are naturally so appealing that they do not need a lot of make-up.

Sanam Chaudhry

Sanam Chaudhry knows only too well that she has the most beautiful eyes in the industry which is why she always accentuates them even more. Sanam’s heavy mascara suits her and makes her eyes look even prettier.

Saboor Ali

Saboor Ali’s eyes are just as beautiful as that of her sister Sajal Ali. She only needs a little mascara to make those big beautiful eyes look even more attractive. Her eyes have the perfect shape and even though she does not always use them to her advantage the way Sajal does but they always get noticed.

Sara Khan

Sara Khan’s jet black eyes with a sparkle are one of the most extremely attractive features of her face. Sara Khan definitely knows how to use her eyes in her acting performances of any nature because they speak on their own. While watching Sara Khan on screen, her eyes immediately grab the attention and her thick black eyebrows add more beauty and frame to her eyes and face.

Sunita Marshal

Sunita Marshal is blessed with big round eyes and that it why her eyes stand out the most among the rest of the features of her face. Being a model, Sunita Marshal surely has garnered the experience of putting her eyes to good use because in still photography, one’s eyes need to say a thousand words and Sunita’s eyes do that. There’s no wonder why Sunita Marshal appears in so many bridal shoots because she has those eyes that make you stop and admire their beauty in the picture.

Maya Ali

Big almond shaped eyes are one of Maya Ali’s best feature on her face. While acting Maya Ali doesn’t need to do much because half of the work in terms of expressions are done by her eyes. Maya Ali really knows how to emote and express through her eyes that is why even in the scenes where there isn’t much verbal communication, her eyes do the trick. Just a simple eye liner is enough for Maya Ali to make her eyes even more prominent.

This concludes this year’s list of the actresses with most beautiful eyes. Please feel free to add more names.


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