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Pakistani Celebrities Who Wore The Same Outfits

All the leading Pakistani celebrities take their dressing very seriously since looking their best is part of their job. Most of them want to wear something different and unique which makes them trendsetters. It also happens sometimes that two or even three different celebrities are seen wearing the same outfits at different times. Sometimes this happens because a certain brand or designer wants multiple celebrities to promote their outfits and at the other times it is just coincidence. Whatever it maybe, it is interesting looking at different celebrities wearing the same outfits since it shows how something identical can look different if it is worn by two people.

Everyone has their own personal style too and obviously how someone carries these outfits makes a huge difference as well therefore we decided to compile a list of those Pakistani celebrities who have been seen wearing the same outfits on different occasions. This is fashion face off at its best so enjoy the pictures and tell us which celebrities are rocking the same outfits more.

Mahira Khan vs Mawra Hocane

Mahira Khan and Mawra Hocane wore this latest style saree with a beautiful blouse which was inspired by the jungle print. The colorful blouse looks great with the plain saree. Mahira Khan wore it on one of her international tours and Mawra Hocane sported this look on the runway.

Who do you think looks more classy?

Popular Net Saree

The color white looks great with any color at all and these 3 divas, Mahira Khan, Mehwish Hayat and Urwa Hocane decided to pair this white net saree with a red blouse. While Mehwish and Mahira’s look is more formal, it looks like Urwa Hocane was only trying out this saree. Urwa generally too does not wear a lot of makeup therefore it’s no surprise that she wore such a formal outfit in the most casual manner.

So, who do you think wore it best?

Neon Green Designer Dress

Neon green color is a personal favorite among all the celebrities nowadays. It is in fashion which is why the leading designer Faiza Saqlain used this color with a touch of tradition and silver to and put together the perfect outfit which was loved by three different celebrities. Nida Yasir, Ayeza Khan and Kiran Haq wore this beautiful outfit and all of them looked beautiful in it.

Which celebrity do you think looks the prettiest?

Chic and Stylish

Nida Yasir and Sumbal Iqbal both look really stylish in this outfit. Sumbal Iqbal used a fancy belt as an accessory to give this outfit a more formal look while Nida Yasir wore it without a belt. This outfit looks great with and without a belt.

Which celebrity looks more appealing in this stylish look?

Resham and Mehwish’s Casual Style

Resham and Mehwish Hayat wore this yellow fusion top and both of them paired it with black trousers. While Mehwish Hayat used some accessories to look even more cool. Resham kept it quite casual.

Who wore it best?

Madiha Imam and Nida Yasir in White Gharara

Madiha Imam and Nida Yasir were seen wearing this white gharara in two different ways. While Madiha Imam wore it with a straight white shirt, Nida Yasir, paired with a more flared frock type top. Both of them carried this style well.

Who do you think truly rocked this outfit?

Maya Ali and Sanam Baloch

Maya Ali and Sanam Baloch were seen sporting this pastel colored dress few years back. The dress itself is pretty and both these celebrities look good in it. This picture also shows just how much Maya Ali has changed in the past few years.

Who carried this dress with more grace?

Hareem Farooq and Hira Mani

Hareem Farooq and Hira Mani it seems go to the same designer because they have been seen wearing the same outfit more than once. This dress is also beautiful which goes to show how good the choice of our celebrities is.

Which celebrity looks more chic in this dress?

Formal Look

Both the Sanams wore this beautiful festive outfit with style. Sanam Jung wore it on her morning show while Sanam Baloch was seen wearing it at a function. It is the exact same dress but the way both these celebrities wore it gives it a different feel.

Whose style do you like more?

The Most Stylish Outfit

This outfit has to be one of the most stylist on the list. Nida Yasir and Sarah Khan both wore it the same way but the difference is the way they took the picture. Sarah Khan’s picture in this dress is more candid than that of Nida. The colorful blouse looks great with the white skirt which Nida is seen carrying like a saree.

Nida Yasir or Sarah Khan? Who sported this style in a better way.

Ayeza Khan or Shaista Lodhi?

Ayeza Khan and Shaista Lodhi wore this beautiful orange and magenta dress on different occasions. The detailing on this dress and its color combination is beautiful.

Who do you like more in this dress?

Same Pattern, Different Designs

This has to be one of the most interesting fashion face off in this list since Hira Mani and Hareem Farooq are seen wearing the same color combination and pattern but they have styled their outfits in different ways. This goes to show how dynamic the world of fashion is.

Whose take on this outfit do you think is more fashionable?

Black and Gold Dress

Sajal Ali and Hania Aamir both are super cute and equally talented. They were seen wearing this black outfit with gold motifs. While Sajal Ali paired her outfit with a more heavily embroidered dupata, Hania Aamir’s duppata is simple since she most often is seen in simple dresses more.

Who looks the cutest in this outfit?

Two Beauties, One Dress

Areeba Habib and Hareem Farooq wore this beautiful traditional outfit and both of them paired it with accessories which went well with their overall look.

Whose traditional look is more appealing?

Mahira Khan and Urwa Hocane Wearing Ali Xeeshan

Ali Xeeshan is one of the leading Pakistani designers. Mahira Khan was the showstopper for his bridal collection in one of the top fashion shows and that’s when she wore this gorgeous bridal dress. Urwa Hocane was later seen wearing the same dress on another occasion.

Lovely dress for sure but who do you think wore it best?

Independence Day Special

Sunita Marshal and Syra Shahroz wore the same outfit on independence day few years back. This white and green outfit was perfect for the occasion.

Which one of these celebrities nailed the independence day look?

Mehwish Hayat and Shaista Lodhi

Mehwish Hayat and Shaista Lodhi too were seen wearing the same outfit on one of the independence days. This is the outfit Shaista Lodhi chose to wear on her show and Mehwish Hayat wore it to show her love for Pakistan. Shaista Lodhi wore an independence day special collection duppata with it while Mehwish Hayat wore it without the duppata.

Which celebrity wore it better?

Sanam Baloch or Mahira Khan

Sanam and Mahira also wore the same outfit, the only difference is the lighting makes it look like they are two different colors. Sanam Baloch and Mahira Khan both carried this beautiful dress with grace and style.

Who do you think looks prettier?

Fashionably Yellow

Minal Khan and Nida Yasir wore the same bright yellow outfit which was a favorite with other celebrities too. Minal Khan’s look is more casual while Nida Yasir wore matching earrings and high heels, making the look relatively more formal.

Whose overall look is more on point?

Ayeza Khan and Neelam Munir

Ayeza Khan and Neelam Munir wore the same outfit but their styling is completely different from each other. While Ayeza Khan preferred an overall Eastern look, Neelam Munir’s styling is more on the funky side.

Which celebrity’s styling do you like more?

Which one of these outfits do you like the most? Share your views in the comments section.

  • Most these dresses are ugly including the actresses. Mawra Urwa Mehwish always look like prostitutes. Sajal’s new hair color makes her look cheap too. The only person who looked nice was Sanam Baloch. Sanam Jung never looks good in anything. Hira Mani is sooo ugly. She needs an urgent job done on her ugly mouth and nose

  • LOL, these are designer dresses for different shows,they woren at different times,this is why they are the same ,they all looked good in them,because they all are unique persons ,so they had their own charm! However ,pak fashion designers or stylists needs to keep a record of the dress so then do not repeat the same dress,it is how the HW stylist prevent this types of comparison !,

  • If you are following your cultural values and dress up according to your age you all look pretty. But still I am wondering why Nida Yasir and Shaista lodhi have been compared with young celebrities??? There is lot of age difference and hence no comparison with fresh , young and beautiful ladies.

    • What’s with this dressing for your age? Who decides who should wear what at what age? As long as your comfortable in what you are wearing it is no one else’s business. You don’t have to be fresh and young to wear an outfit. Some older ladies have far more grace and can carry of outfits that younger ladies might not. Stop being ageist.

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