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Pakistani Divas Who Refuse To Age

Some ladies in Pakistani fashion and drama industry really do make it look like age is just a number. When you look at the pictures of these celebrities from ten years ago you are fully convinced that they have just attained a better sense of style and look better with age. They are still soaring high in their careers because of their dedication. Keeping your good looks alive and experimenting with your looks is not something every artist can achieve especially nowadays when we see that many actors and models even at a very young age have not been able to keep their faces natural because they have been relying more on plastic surgeries than a healthy lifestyle to look good.

It is said that there is no shortcut to success and keeping yourself young and radiant even after a decade or so of hard work in the showbiz industry is not an easy job. For some of these ladies their careers actually got a kick start in the past few years only because they have talent and the looks to stay afloat even when there is so much competition in the fashion and the drama industry. These divas do not only refuse to age but they also look better as years fly by.

Here are some of the Pakistani divas who look young and attractive even though they are not that young.

Ayesha Khan

These few recent pictures of Ayesha Khan say it all! Compare her to the girl we saw on our screens more than 5 years back and you will see that she is only prettier now!

aisha khan aishakhan1 aisha khan2


Mehreen Syed

Staying on top of the fashion industry is not an easy task but Mehreen Syed makes it look like it is not a problem by staying high in the fashion world even after so many years. Mehreen Syed is also one of the most coolest moms in our fashion industry.

mehreen sayed mehreen1



Sanam Baloch

When an actress can still play the role of a student and look fantastic doing it, you know that she has made sure that age does not effect her looks!

sanam baloch


Noor Bukhari

Just like all the other ladies on this list, what makes Noor look fantastic even today are her natural looks.

noor bukhari


Do add more names to the list.