Public Reaction On Limiting Foreign Content in Cinemas

We all know that Pakistani films have miserably failed to pull the audience in cinema, this Eid UL Fitr. Pakistanis preferred to watch Dr Strange instead of four to five local films. After the box office’s receding numbers for Pakistani cinema, the local producers did a press conference and strongly condemned the running of foreign content in Pakistani cinemas. Recently, Sindh High Court has taken action in this regard. Now, there has been a slightly relieving news for the local film producers.

According to the reports, the Sindh High Court has ordered to limit the screens for international films. As per the Sindh High Court order, the local films will get 85% of playing time at Pakistani cinemas, and foreign content will be allowed to have 15% of the screens.

The news has created an anger amongst Pakistani audiences and they are saying that they will be watching that 15% of screens instead of watching the local films. Public is of the view that the only thing being emphasized by them is that the local film makers need to improve their content instead of scheming up against foreign cinema. They said that this is the most uncalled for decision and the audience were not expecting this from them. Public said that there are some really good movies that are expected on Eid UL Azha and now the local bodies will try to pave way for some stupid Pakistani films. Fans said that this will only bankrupt Pakistani cinemas and will end up permanent closeure of cinemas and then they won’t be able to screen their cheap movies anywhere.

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