Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 19 Story Review – The Proposal

Pyar Ke Sadqay has some of the most appealing and refreshing characters yet the writer decided to take the story forward in the most clichéd manner possible. Although Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s characters are unconventional, the story has taken a turn that is anything but unconventional. Shanzay’s sudden interest in Abdullah is the most unconvincing part of this entire development. Tonight’s episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay however was much more entertaining than last week. Mahjabeen continues to entertain, her innocence and her attempts to win her husband back were the highlights of this episode. While Mahjabeen and Abdullah’s track gives me something to look forward to, Shanzay is simply unbearable and not just because she is the ‘other woman’! Yumna Zaidi’s outstanding performance makes Mahjabeen’s character even more likable. Bilal Abbas Khan has added much-needed nuances to his character. I expected more from Mansoora’s character but for now, the writer wants her to play dumb!

Shanzay’s Proposal

So, the thappar was successfully used to convince Shanzay’s father that she should get the divorce from Esa. And if it wasn’t for the thappar, Shanzay wouldn’t have gone to Abdullah’s office in a night suit, told him that Esa hit her and proposed to him! So using this thappar, the writer fast-forwarded the story and all of a sudden Abdullah and Shanzay were talking about marriage. Shanzay’s lip gloss and Yashma Gill’s performance both were over the top in this particular scene! Usually, when the writer wants to take the story forward in a certain direction, he or she has two options, either use logic or just do what needs to be done and hope that the viewers will play along! Well, sadly leaving logic behind is never a good idea and that is exactly why most of us are having a really difficult time relating to Shanzay and Abdullah’s track!

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 19 Story Review - The Proposal

A girl like Shanzay can surely live a few years as a divorcee, she doesn’t have ‘Mahjabeen issues’! No mohallay ki aunties to worry about and she doesn’t need to be afraid of being looked at as a failure! Ever since Shanzay made a re-appearance in the show, she is a completely different person. The person the viewers were introduced to in the beginning few episodes, wouldn’t do anything close to what Shanzay is doing. She was a confident and intelligent girl but one bad experience has turned her into a desperate woman who would break someone’s marriage to have them in their lives! Also, I am still wondering how and why would Shanzay find Abdullah attractive!

Abdullah’s reactions and his confusion on the other hand made perfect sense tonight. I am glad that we were shown in a subtle manner that Abdullah is confused. It gives me hope that it won’t be difficult for someone to make him realize that he should not even be thinking about getting married to Shanzay. Sarwar has always been a bad influence, I am waiting for Pho and Washma to be back in the picture for good like they were before. For now, the writer obviously does not want anyone to knock some sense into Abdullah.

Mahjabeen’s Character Development

Mahjabeen’s gradual character development is the best aspect of Pyar Ke Sadqay right now. Yumna Zaidi has breathed life into this beautiful character, she continues to be the highlight of every single episode. I absolutely loved the fact that Mahjabeen decided to share everything with her parents, good girl Mahjabeen! She proved that she is a wise girl even with all her limitations she handled the entire situation really well. The way she told Sarwar off was extremely gratifying.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 19 Story Review - The Proposal

Mahjabeen’s opening conversation with Mansoora was used by the writer to show that Mansoora was gradually giving up on her. Mahjabeen hit a nerve when she mentioned Mansoora and Sarwar’s age-gap in the most inappropriate manner. She obviously said this out of innocence but Mansoora found it humiliating. Apart from that, all of a sudden, Mansoora has given Sarwar a clean chit and is listening to him the way she was before. He got away with harassing Mahjabeen not once but twice in this episode.

Mahjabeen has come a long way from the girl who was scared of Sarwar and couldn’t even think about saying no to him. She confronted him and for a change took a good initiative on her own to look nice for her husband. Mahjabeen is not going to give up on this marriage this easily because she loves Abdullah and of course she just cannot face those aunties asking her all those questions! How cute is Mahjabeen, I love her character. Her confidence and positivity makes her such an admirable character.

Ever single conversation Mahjabeen had with everyone tonight was beautifully written and translated on screen. After watching this episode, I am rooting for Mahjabeen and Abdullah more than I ever was before.

Final Remarks

Except for the Shanzay/Abdullah track, this episode was engaging. There are definitely some serious shortcomings in the script at this point but tonight’s episode gave hope that we might get to watch sense prevail in the end. Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s track is still logical therefore there is reason to look forward to what the writer has in store for us. The preview of the next episode also suggested that it won’t be that easy for Abdullah to leave Mahjabeen and marry Shanzay. He definitely has feelings for Mahjabeen, he just doesn’t know it yet!

How many of you watched tonight’s episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • Yet another good episode.
    You’re right about shanzey fatima. We all are feeling the same way.

    How cool is mahjabeens character. Esa kbhi nhi dekha mn ne specially lrki maa baap se share nhi krti, or roti rehti but this is not the case with mahjabeen. She is trying hard to find a way. Best aspect of the story.

    Amazing review as always.

    • Hello AH, Thank you for liking the review and for commenting. Bilkul! Mahjabeen’s character never disappoints, love it. Yumna deserves an award for her performance, she is brilliant as Mahjabeen.

  • Great review.

    So pajama girl stayed loyal to her pajamas and showed up to an office still in her pjs. This just shows how ridiculous the Shanzay track is. I mean everyone is all bothered by “inappropriate” things Mahjabeen does – but no one thinks it’s weird that a still married woman in pjs literally throws herself at a married man in the middle of a workplace.

    I think Mansoora is kind of consistent with her character. She’s pretty vain. So Sarwar can easily manipulate her by playing up to her vanity. And mahjabeen can easily offend her vanity.

    Mahjabeen is still awesome. I do think it is sad/funny that to get the “non-bechari” heroine in a drama – she has to be shown and innocent/stupid. But I still love her. She always takes charge! She tells Sarvar to not touch her … and tells him exactly what she thinks. She doesn’t keep secrets from her parents. She calls out Abdullah when he’s being a jerk to her.

    Abdullah was disappointing… but not surprising.

    • Thank you so much. I am glad we agree. LOL @ Pajama girl. Yes definitely, love Mahjabeen’s character and Abdullah’s character still makes sense so thank God for that!

  • Shanzey’s track is horribly wrong. First of all who goes to the office in pyjama to cry? That too cries in front of the entire office to hear and gossip. yet nobody in the office pays any attention to a crying girl in pyjamas. I guess this happens every day in that office. what an insecure and stupid women? Then on the same day, Shanzey is asking how much do you love me? I don’t even want to start with Mansoora’s change in behaviour!!!! Please directors don’t mess this drama. it started on a good note.

    Thank you for your review.

    • You’re welcome Abi, Yes absolutely Shanzay’s character has gone downhill and makes absolutely no sense! Matlab hua kya hei ise?!

  • Thank you I do not understand Urdu and they have stopped translating it into English. Today I saw the chapter in Urdu because I love the story. I only have an idea for the images. Your comments help me understand. Thank you.

    • Same here, I record it on HUM so it has English subs as YouTube doesn’t normally and is inconsistent with the subtitles making it hard to start and finish a drama on it.

  • Well, this was a better episode….better than the last one! You’ve penned it aptly Fatima…. Its cute that Mehjabeen is shown the way she is, yet she understands and deals with every situation correctly and somehow turns up doing the right thing. Shanzay, however, the one who was among the toppers and ridiculed Abdullah is falling back on him just because she had a divorce, or she started doing it even before she had a divorce. The father-daughter duo are acting as if Esa was deceiving them earlier and now he has shown his evil side suddenly, whereas he was always like this. I simply do not understand Shanzay’s desperation of getting hold of a man right after her divorce, so much that she ran to Abdullah’s office in her pajamas. Wasn’t she this progressive and bold girl to tell people off on their face. Why does a girl like her need Abdullah, not to take away anything from Abdullah, but I can’t relate to the fact that there’s no one else she can turn to except a married man, who she boldly rejected few days ago. Why no iddat for Shanzay? I just hope they don’t take this drama the ‘dusri biwi’ way, the preview suggests that won’t happen.

    Mansoora is turning out to be strange, she has completely forgotten all the clues she was getting against Sarwar. Why? Washma and Pho were missing from the picture, I just hope they put some sense in Abdullah. Abdullah otherwise discusses his matters with both of them, don’t know why he didn’t do it this time. Mahjabeen is so cute….her dialogue “bilkul meri wali” when her father says “Sarwar ko jhooth bolne ki aadat hai”, cracked me up! I saw on Insta that in an interview Atiqa Odho said that she personally watches PKS to watch Yumna. Yumna is doing great work and I hope she gets the recognition she deserves.

    • Absolutely Sheetal! She has gone from being progressive to being desperate! Iddat ke liye too cool hei Shanzay LOL!!

      Haha yes, Mahjabeen says it like it is and I love her for it. She is the best! Same here, always watched it for Yumna, really like Bilal too in this one and hoping that Abdullah will be more sensible in the upcoming episodes.

      Thank you so much for liking the review, appreciate your feedback.

  • aik achay khasay dramay ka patri say utar janay pur bohat hi afsoos hoa… Jaysa k aap nay nishaandehi ki k Shanzay ka subhanAllah office nite suit mein pohachna oor wah wah poray makeup k saay ….. humnay to yaqeen karein adha drama Fast forward kur k daykha… bohat hi afsoos hoa k writer ko bus yeah hi aik zadrya mila tha…

  • Fatima your understanding of the characters of PKS is simply amazing. The way u analyze the characters sometimes makes me rethink how I perceive them. Your reviews are always on point irrespective of how the episode is. Loving your reviews plz review it till the end.
    Thank you
    Bless you

    • Aww thanks a lot, Sanam, you made my day. I will give the writer credit here for etching out Mahjabeen and Abdullah’s characters so well, they are so easy to understand and relate to.

      Thank you so much for all the love. I intend to review it till the end IA.

      You’re welcome.

  • i didn’t get to see this episode but thanks to your lovely review i got a very good look into what happened in the episode