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Recent Patients Of “Draggiya”!

Whether one watches it or not, everybody knows about the dramatic drum rolling dramas of our neighbouring country. The most important fact about them is: “They never end”. There will be a little girl and then you will be watching her grandchildren’s love stories after 15 years or so. The only reason for this torture is, yeah you guessed it right, TRPs!!! Pakistani dramas are loved by millions all over the world. They are short, simple and to the point with no dhol dhamakay and repetitive dishoom dishoom sequences. But lately, our dramas are becoming infected with a disease called “Draggiya”. The primary cause of the disease is the desire for ragging TRP and the symptoms include dragging a good story to a point that the viewers start crying to see the last episode. Here are some recent victims of this deadly disease:

Alif Allah Aur Insaan:

I LOVED IT! I even watched some episodes on repeat ( yes I admit) but then it got infected and it was undoubtedly one of the saddest moment of my drama watching life. Alif Allah Aur Insaan had an incredible story. It showed off some most powerful characters of the season, Sana Fakhar, Ushna Shah and Imran Ashraf made Alif Allah Aur Insaan incredibly impactful. After a long time, I liked Mikaal too in a drama. But soon the happy days were over. Zimal took over the whole drama and all left in a story about love and divinity was how many times can a girl marry and remarry for no reason at all. They forgot about everything and to me it was a ridiculous approach towards marriages too, the only thing they were showing. The once great later poor drama met its final fate after 41 long, painful and torture filled episodes.


This is the most infected on-air project right now on television. It is a simple story about a girl being emotionally and financially exploited by her family. She loses her family, the love of her life and her home in the process of making money for her greedy parents and siblings. Yeah, that’s it! The story is quite simple and there are no major twists and turns. The things I explained in two lines are going on and on for 24 episodes now but our Arsala (the lead character) is still suffering. And she will keep suffering because the drama is infected and no sufferer of Draggiya dies easily.

O Rangreza: 

This particular patient lived for 31 episodes. How painful was it for itself and all its viewers, well,  you all know that. What was O Rangreza about? This is a question I have been asking myself and has not been able to answer. There was a crazy Sassi, a crazy Tipu, a crazy Khayyam, a spineless Mamo, a spineless Qasim and three hundred stories woven into a single play. Still, this play had nominations in the LSAs and it had 31 episodes. Painful times are longer indeed!

Teri Raza:

This was such a disaster that I am still not able to comprehend why Sanam Baloch chose it as her comeback project. It ridiculed the institution of marriage and the overall appearance of the drama was completely absurd. With a weak cast, weak performances and a stupid to the level of infinity script, Teri Raza still had 31 episodes. From the beginning till the ending this show was already suffering from a lot of diseases. Draggiya on top of it destroyed it completely and it was a feat watching it for 31 weeks (I personally gravitated towards reading the reviews at the end lol).

Yakeen Ka Safar:

This drama was a major hit after a long time. There was finally a couple people were obsessing over. Asfand and Zubiya became the stars and Ahad Raza Mir became the heartthrob of millions. This show had a spectacular story and some very nice characters. My personal favourite is still Daniyal. Despite being a very good drama, it also suffered from Draggiya though a mild case but it was a victim too. The episodes were dragging after Daniyal died and the Kharjista topic was also dragged a lot. The show which ended after 29 episodes could have been recently wrapped up in 22-24 episodes.

Recently, Hum is spreading the disease more as compared to other channels. Which other shows do you think should be a part of this list? Please share in comments!