Sahib Dilan صاحبدلان , an iranian drama on ATV

Sahib Dilan صاحبدلان  is an Urdu dubbed Iranian drama which will be aired on ATV, the only private terrestrial channel in Pakistan which is also available on satellite.

Though dramas of another muslim majority country Turkey are quite popular in our country, but dramas of Iran another muslim
majority country and our western neighbor are not a preferred choice for media houses. ATV was the first one which aired a regular Iranian drama Roz-e-Hasrat ( last year in Ramazan which went unnoticed. This year ATV is again coming up with Iranian darama. Like last
year it will be telecasted in matinee timings instead of prime time.

Iran is western neighbour of Pakistan with Persian (Farsi) as official language. Despite strict regulations for media
content, Iran has a vibrant film and television industry. Irani films are viewed and produced in good numbers. Iranian films and television are also followed in persian speaking countries/regions of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Bahrain and Iraq. In Pakistan, cultural centers of Iran are located in all major cities which regularly arrange film festivals where irani films are screened. However for some un-explainable reasons Iranian films are not able to appeal general public. Regarding television dramas, no private satellite channel has ever aired any regular Iranian drama, ATV is the only one which has done it last year. However Iranian productions on religious and historical events are aired on satellite channels, these include dramas on event of karbala, moharram and history of arab anudulus. Last year TV One has also aired a serial on history of spain under arab rule, which was perhaps an Iranian production.

The promo of drama Sahib Dilan

Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali