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Sanam Last Episode Review – Anda Paratha Party!



Ohkay so, 22 weeks of torture got a closure in only 28 minutes? Goes to show how much the writer of the last episode OKB could do to save this wreck but yes, I will say that the message that OKB tried to convey in the last episode was right but it seemed that by this time the director had lost interest in this drama too because the way this episode was directed reminded me so much of Aahista Aahista, where everything was so haphazard, so choppy making it seem as if Harib scored a magic wand & voila, everything was fixed. I think in the last episode, OKB tried to make himself look like a hero but I’d say it was a decent attempt, if I keep Aila’s character & her progress in mind ONLY!

Seeing Aila’s parents in the very first scene being overly concerned for their daughter & yelling at Harib brought me to the verge of puking because it made me sick. They were nowhere to be seen when their daughter was struggling, when she was alone & when she had no one by her side & now all of a sudden, they found an easy target to put a blame on for all the irresponsibility that they as parents displayed. Aila’s parents failed big time & the best they could do was play a blame game in order to save their sorry selves???

Anyways, it was good to see that Harib decided to take the matters in his hands & took charge of the situation in regards to Aila’s well-being & treatment. While watching this entire scenario, I was wondering what would’ve it cost the original writer to add this bit in the rest of the episodes? It was so obvious that the writer of the entire drama & the writer of the last episode were two different people because where for Mona Haseeb, Aila’s character was an after-thought, never a priority & was only a way to showcase how bechara her so-called perfect hero was, on the other hand for the writer of the last episode OKB, he actually tried to make himself look like a hero by doing something that actually worked, like by doing something apart from eating Anda Parathas all the time.

I will say that the few minutes added by OKB showing Aila’s journey to recovery were actually better than all those unnecessary, boring & been-there-seen-that-a-million-times twists & turns that Mona Haseeb added in this entire drama using different characters like Qasab Family, Farhan, Nayla, Sara, Fatima, Shehroz etc. I actually felt bad for the fact that I was feeling nothing for any character because the director & the writer made sure to kill the charm, the essence & the personalities of all these characters perfectly that by the last episode, it just seemed like I was watching some very random characters who I didn’t feel connected to at all. The closure didn’t merge well with the previous happenings in the last couple of episodes, that is why it was so obvious that these characters were perceived by 2 different people at the final stages of the drama!

Seeing Kashf Foundation’s standees in the background actually made me laugh because it showed how hard the director was now trying to send a message that OKB diverted his mind to, like were they trying to throw in some Udaari effect seeing its popularity? Well the way this drama has been butchered for the sake of ratings, I wouldn’t mind thinking that this was another desperate attempt, definitely not by OKB but by Haseeb Hassan to show that he is also very sensitive towards these sort of subjects & can do dramas like Udaari in collaboration with Kashf Foundation (lol)!

It was good that Harib & Aan met their happy ending with unlimited supplies of Anda Parathas. The scene where Aan reminds Harib that he is forgetting his Anda Paratha actually left me in a laughing fit, like so much of fixation with food, still??? I think they omitted the most important conversation of this entire drama & that was a conversation between Aan & Aila, like Aan tried to console Aila & helped her in overcoming her guilt but I am sure Mona Haseeb couldn’t bring herself to write some ‘meaningful’ dialogues, that is why the entire conversation was wiped out & left out as a mystery. I so wish someone had told Aan that when you go & visit some patient, you need to have a smile & some positivity on your face. Aan had such serious & boring expressions that even Aila got scared & started crying, lol! Also, now when I come to think of it, I don’t think Shabnam’s character should have died, like they could’ve easily shown that she came to good terms with her in-laws after realizing that they were her well-wishers & had lived to see her daughter happily getting married to her favorite boy Harib & then realizing that Aan’s life didn’t end there by not getting married to a loser like Farhan! Simple!

Apart from giving us a good OST, this drama didn’t do anything like it just didn’t provide a decent entertainment, no relate-able characters, no purposeful scenarios, no twists & turns that would make you look forward to the next episode, like it just didn’t work. I am sure it was only because of OKB & Maya that it got so much of attention due of their avid fans because if there would’ve been some unpopular actors playing the characters of Harib & Aan, this drama would’ve been shifted to 9PM slot by the channel right in the beginning for not chipping in any ratings. This drama on the whole flopped & I really hope that a 2nd flop within a span of 1 year puts things into perspective for Haseeb Hassan that he really needs to up his game. Actors like OKB & Maya who have done good work in the past should be more cautious & conscious about the sort of projects they take up next because by signing dramas like Sanam, they are only sullying their own careers & reputation as actors. Sadly, after Samira Fazal, Haseeb Hassan has been added into the list of those people whose dramas should be screened because now as a drama-maker he can not be trusted as he has lost his credibility completely. After major blunders like Mann Mayal & Sanam, I think I am done with Haseeb Hassan’s work!

The only actor, I feel did justice to the half-baked character assigned by Mona Haseeb to her was Hareem Farooq, like even though the writer tried to turn her into a negative character, she always always always had my sympathies because I knew she wasn’t in her right state of mind, yes, I will say that Hareem’s pairing with OKB has to be one of the oddest pairings ever witnessed in our dramas but, on her own, Hareem did really well, like she acted her best & did make us understand Aila’s struggles. Aila was the only character who had some sass, some personality to it & Hareem Farooq conveyed it decently. I think not for the later part of the drama but for the initial stages, Hina Bayat deserves a lot of appreciation for acting out Shabnam’s character so brilliantly & adding in that bit of humor through her presence. The rest of the cast remained unimpressive & their characters were epic fails to say the least so I will leave it at that. I am glad & feeling so relieved that this drama has ended finally. Please share your thoughts about this entire drama & thank you guys for being by my side when I was struggling to survive through this apocalypse!

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

ps: Hope all you guys are enjoying a celebratory virtual Anda Paratha Party. You guys can take my share too because I am not a fannn, mehhh!!! ;)

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