Sisters – in Showbiz

Sisters who are currently active in showbiz

Javeria Abbasi and Anoushey Abbassi:

Javeria Abbasi started her career in late 90’s and has done many powerful and leading roles; her famous dramas are Dil Diya Dehleez, Naajia, Chahtain. Anoushey is younger than Javeria, she has also appeared in many serials like drama ‘Tootay huway par’ on Geo TV.


Sabreen Hisbani and Sanam Baloch

Sanam Baloch is a leading and polished artist; she has given many hit plays like Kankar, Doraha, Daastan, Manchalay. Her sister Sabreen Hisbani has also worked in many drama serials like Meri Adhoori Mohabbat

Sanam Baloch, Sabreen Hisbani, Javeria Abbasi, Anoushay Abbasi

Mawra Hocane and Urwa-tul-Wusqa

Both Mawra and Urwa have been popular in quite short time. They started their career as VJ on a music channel and have now acted in many dramas. Mawra was a VJ on ATV and Urwa was a VJ on ARY Musik.

mawra urwa
Mawra Hocane, Urwa-tul-Wusqa

Alishbah Yousaf, Syra Yousaf, Palwasha Yousaf

All three yousaf sisters started their career as VJ, Syra and Palwashah on MTV Pakistan and Alishbah on AAG TV. Syra and Alishbah have also acted in many dramas.

syra alishbah
Alishbah Yousaf, Syra Yousaf, Palwashah Yousaf

Zhalay Sarhadi and Zyla Sarhadi

Zhalay and Zyla Sarhadi hail from a family of talented artists. Their grandfather (dada) Zia Sarhadi was famous screenwriter and film director in India-Pakistan while Uncle (Khayam Sarhadi) was a famous TV artist. Both Zhalaya and Zyla have done acting and hosting on TV.

zyla zhalay
Zhalay Sarhai, Zyla Sarhadi

Sajal Ali and Saboor Ali

Sajal Ali is quite famous, performing main role in various serials like Aasmanon Pe Likha. Her sister Saboor Ali has also worked in drama Mehmoodabad Ki Malkayen.

sajal saboor
Sajal Ali, Saboor Ali

Aiman Khan and Minaal Khan

Both these sisters are twins and are quite young. They have mostly appeared in roles of school going girls in dramas like Man Ke Moti, Adhoori Aurat, Mohabbat Jaye Bhar Mein

Aiman Khan, Minaal Khan

Arisha Razi and Sara Razi

Arisha and Sara are child stars. They have appeared in many dramas. Arisha is more famous than her sister Sara she has appeared in commercials and hosted a show as well.

sara arisha
Sara Razi, Arisha Razi

Urwa Hocane Wedding

Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali

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