Stunning Looks & Outfits of Iqra Aziz From Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3

Iqra Aziz is one of the biggest names in the Pakistani drama industry. She is at that stage where she has proved her mettle as an actress but she continues to surprise her fans and drama viewers with her acting skills in every single drama that airs one after the other. Iqra Aziz joined the drama industry at a very young age but she did not let her age define her or her caliber as an actor. She is one such actress who makes sure that all the characters she takes are substantial and leave a long-lasting impression on the mind of the viewers.

Iqra Aziz has worked in one super hit drama after another, therefore it becomes a done deal for her fans to anticipate as well as expect that every drama of hers is going to be different and interesting because she is a part of the project. Currently, Iqra Aziz is seen in Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 as Mahi. The popularity of Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 is unparalleled and it is garnering a lot of viewership with each passing episode. Iqra Aziz always makes sure to keep her portrayal as realistic as possible when it comes to styling and overall get-up of the characters. However, it won’t be wrong to say that she has looked stunning in Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 and has given Mahi the kind of appearance that suits her character and her dynamic perfectly. Each and every look of Iqra Aziz is beautiful and the credit goes to the wardrobe designers, stylists, and makeup artists for making her look drop-dead gorgeous in every single frame.

The wardrobe of Mahi is elaborate and even in the scenes where she is at her home or has just come back from the university, her clothing is just perfect. It goes to show that she is not only well dressed but comes from a very affluent family, therefore dressing in this manner comes naturally to her. Her jewelry pieces are delicate but complement her outfits. Mahi’s clothing so far can be categorized as per the phases of the story that have unfolded so far. She dressed up to attend her best friend’s wedding. Apart from the wedding of Rida, she was seen wearing some of the amazing outfits at her place too, which looked justified considering she was a guest at Rida’s place and was visiting Lahore for her friend’s wedding. Then Mahi has also dressed beautifully for her own wedding festivities and some of the sequences in between.

Here are the beautiful looks and outfits of Iqra Aziz from the drama serial Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3:

Mahi’s Daily Wear

This set of outfits were a mix of traditional and semi-formal clothes. Although a girl of Mahi’s age may not wear these clothes on a daily basis because Mahi is the youngest child of her family and she comes from a wealthy family, these kinds of outfits went perfectly well with the dynamic of her character. All the outfits seem to be carefully designed to enhance her personality a lot more. Another aspect that makes her simplest of looks so fine and glamorous is the choice of hairstyling and makeup that has been carried by Iqra Aziz. Her hair is always beautifully tamed and makeup looks are natural yet perfectly done, giving her a very elegant and impressive look. It is interesting to note that most of Mahi’s daily wear wardrobe is based on neutral and earthy tones and yellow seems to be her favorite color for sure.

The Formal Wear

Then comes the category of formal wear. She has worn solid colored formal outfits on random yet important occasions so far. The two silhouettes that Iqra Aziz has carried in formal wear are long frocks and flared shirts or simple short shirts with Patiala shalwar. These solid-colored outfits have looked stunning especially because even with the daintiest and simplest of embellishments, these outfits have had a very elegant look.

Mahi’s Looks at Rida’s Pre-Wedding Functions

The wedding of Mahi’s best friend Rida was an elaborate affair with so many functions that took place, which gave Iqra Aziz so many moments to stun her fans and she well and truly did. Each and every look of Iqra Aziz was simply stunning and she looked gorgeous. She not only wore different and elaborate outfits but made sure that her makeup looks were different and complimented the outfits perfectly as well. From whites to blacks to reds and once again orange/yellow tones, all these outfits were simply stunning.

Mahi’s Looks At The Actual Functions of Rida’s Wedding

Iqra Aziz stole the show when she served these looks in Khuda Aur Mohabbat. She made sure to wear some of the leading fashion designers who are known to be the best in the business. Iqra Aziz wore the creations of Faiza Saqlain and it was nice to see some of the unique shades and beautifully embellished bridal wear during these wedding sequences.

The turquoise and silver shirt and gharara were absolutely stunning and Iqra Aziz let the outfit do the talking because she didn’t go for a heavily glamorous makeup look. In the mehndi function, she carried the yellow silver outfit beautifully and had a completely different look due because of the hairstyling. The heavily flared outfit that she wore at Rida’s Baraat was once again designed by Faiza Saqlain and it was a unique shade of beige with silver, maroon and blue embellishment. This was another stunning look of Iqra Aziz that was a winner.

Mahi’s Own Wedding Festivity Looks

Mahi has carried four different looks for her own wedding. The first one was when her proposal got approved, the second one being the mayoun function, the third one was her mehndi and the fourth and probably the last one is her wedding look.

The beautiful blue outfit that Mahi wore during the proposal sequence is another stunning creation of Faiza Saqlain. A beautiful shade of blue with gorgeous silver embellishment. Iqra Aziz was nothing short of a vision in this particular scene because this shade of blue complimented her and her hair and makeup were just perfect.

The mayoun look of Mahi was comparatively simple but the dupatta that she draped around was simply stunning. It was a traditional mayoun dupatta with a lot of gota work and she carried it over a plain solid colored shalwar kameez.

Although the mehndi function wasn’t too elaborate in the drama and Mahi was barely seen wearing this outfit, thanks to social media the pictures of it were circulated. Iqra Aziz wore this beautiful creation of Nomi Ansari for the mehndi function of Mahi. A beautiful colorful number with designs and embellishments to die for.

This look of Iqra Aziz has trended all over social media the moment this episode went on air. This has to be one of the best bridal looks ever seen in a Pakistani drama of all time. Iqra Aziz looked absolutely gorgeous and the dress was by SFK Bridals, a fashion label run by Sadaf Fawad Khan. A stunning red, gold, and orange combination with beautiful patterns. Iqra Aziz’s hair and makeup were done in a way that enhanced her beauty a lot more and she looked simply gorgeous.

This completes the list of beautiful outfits worn by Iqra Aziz in Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3. Which one of these looks and outfits has been your favorite? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.

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