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The Most Talked About Topics Of 2017

Entertainment industry strives on controversies and thrives on making issues that become talk of the town. No news is bad news when it comes to ratings and popularity. 2017 gave us a herd of new topics and controversies and issues

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Amir Liaquat Leaves Bol Channel

Amir Liaquat and Bol channel have been associated for quite some time now but today their mutual relationship ended with a serious Twitter fight. Amir Liaquat has announced that he ends all association with Bol. In another angry tweet, Amir

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Amir Liaquat’s New Game Show “Crorepati”

Amir Liaquat is one of the most controversial media personalities of all times. From being a religious scholar to Ramzan show host to a lot of other things, Amir Liaquat creates scenes with his loud personality. Whether you love him

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Fiza Ali makes fun of Amir Liaqat in eid show

Faiza Ali has shown her versatility time and again. Recently, she has been proving her mettle more in talk shows as compared to serials or movies. Thos Eid she was looking absolutely gorgeous in a golden coloured sari draped elegantly

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Shameless Conversation between Amir Liaquat and Meera

After all the hype and rage and debates about Ramzan transmissions, they are nowhere near any improvement. Rather, as Ramzan is progressing, they are getting more and more pointless, more and more vulgar and as detached from the holiness of

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