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Celebrity Weddings Of 2017

The ringing of wedding bells is always an occasion to celebrate. There can be various outcomes of a marriage but while it’s being celebrated, things are always bright and the outlook very rosy. Here are some of the actors and

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Arij Fatyma’s Wedding Pictures

Arij Fatyma has always been admired for her beauty and simplicity. She has just tied the knot and you will be surprised to see how gorgeous she looks on her wedding day. Her slender frame looks amazing in a heavily

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Arij Fatyma’s Beautiful Mehndi Photos

Arij Fatyma is a gentle looking beauty who has conquered many hearts with her persona. A few months back she was engaged to her long time best friend Ozair, and the wedding bells are ringing already. She just had her

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Celebrities Who Look Better In Eastern Outfits

With the world becoming a global village now, eastern and western outfits have all merged into one single wardrobe and especially when it comes to celebrities who can afford the best of imported brands and ensembles. However, there are still

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Arij Fatyma’s Mayon Ceremony!

Arij Fatyma is an exceptionally talented Pakistani actress and model who has been successful in both the fields. Many admire her as an actress but few know that she is the perfect combination of beauty with brains as the actress

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Arij Fatyma Got Engaged!

Arij Fatyma, the beautiful and talented actress is officially off the single list as the beauty got engaged recently and shared the news with her fans through her Instagram. Arij is currently seen in Yaar e Bewafa opposite Imran Abbas.

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