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Ayesha Omar’s Late Night Birthday Celebration

Good Morning Pakistan hosted by Nida Yasir is famous for celebrating people’s engagement, marriages, kids and birthdays. The show mostly manages to invite the celebrity couples who get engaged and then when they get married and when they have a

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Ayesha Umar And Hina Dilpazeer Met With Young Cancer Survivors

Cancer is one of the diseases that have been spreading very quickly among the masses and it doesn’t limit itself to a certain age and kids these days have been suffering from this deadly disease as well. Child Aid Association

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Ayesha Umar And Hania Aamir Wearing The Same Outfit

Comparisons are a part of human nature. We have been comparing since we remember and we would continue to compare until our last breaths because it’s something that’s innate and that’s uncontrollable for human nature. We compare things like two

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