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Hoorain Singing Dil Dil Pakistan ; Pure Love

Danish and Ayeza and their three year old Hoorain are the cutest, nicest power family of Pakistan you will ever see. They are always on the social media, sharing glimpses of their family life, much to their fans’ delight. This

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Moral Police Found ‘Nudity’ in Ayeza Khan’s 2 Year Old Daughter’s Picture!

Moral Police strikes again! This time at an innocent two-year-old’s pictures! Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor’s daughter, Hoorain turned 2 this Thursday. The excited mother shared her happiness and love for her daughter on facebook by posting a picture of

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Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimor’s Daugther, Hoorain Turns Two

The adorable couple of our drama industry, Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimor celebrated second birthday of their daughter, Hoorain with family and friends in a closed gathering. The little birthday girl also had photo-shoot at a sea side in which

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Ayeza Khan’s Reaction on Danish Taimoor & Sana Javed’s Romantic Scenes!

For Ayeza Khan, being married to a handsome, heartthrob of the Entertainment Industry means having to watch him film cute,romantic scenes with women that aren’t her. Having to watch him express his love for another woman through the dialogues that

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