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Babar Ali Leaves Pakistan After Death Threats

This is not the first time such news has surfaced in Pakistan. Being a celebrity makes one vulnerable to a string of criminals. The latest victim has been Babar Ali. Babar Ali is a film star turned television actor. He

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Team ‘Geo Sar Utha K’, At The Movie Promotions

‘Geo Sar Utha K’, an upcoming Pakistani movie is all set to release on 11th August. The movie is an action-drama directed and produced by Nadeem Cheema. It is written by Nasir Mehmood and based on actual events of chottu

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“Geo Sir Utha Kay” Releases A Very Cheap Item Song

“Geo Sir Utha Kay” is a film under the banner of Cheema Films and is introduced as an action thriller based on the life of Chotu Gang of Rajanpur. The movie’s item song was marketed as the item song of

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