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Azekah Daniel Is The Newest Sensation

Some women fear the fire, some simply become it. Did you already guess who I am talking about? Yes, she could possibly be another Mahira Khan in the making. Anyway, nobody knows anything about the future. So, let’s live in

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Upcoming Drama’s Cast Having Fun On The Set

Starring the ever-gorgeous Saba Qamar and the heartthrob Bilal Abbas Khan, Big Bang Productions is coming up with yet another exciting project, Cheekh, that is expected to air soon. Saba Qamar had tweeted in the recent past that she wants

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Saba Qamar And Bilal Abbas Khan Pair Up For Cheekh

A few months back actress Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbas Khan had a very friendly exchange on Instagram. The superstar Saba Qamar said that she loved Bilal Abbas’s acting in O Rangreza and will love to work with him sometime.

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