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Coke Studio Season 10 Ends By Paying Tribute To Junaid Jamshed

Coke Studio season 10 has ended on a beautiful note by paying tribute to the legend, the man who left too soon, Junaid Jamshed. Despite some disappointing numbers in the midst of this season, the end could not have been

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Danyal Zafar Talks About His Awesome Big Brother

Danyal Zafar has started to gain his own footing in the music industry that was very much in awe of his big brother. Recently, in a video which is BTS of Coke studio season 10, Danyal talks about his big

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Guess who Ali Hamza Practices for Coke Studio With?

Nearly everyone knows who Ali Hamza is; he is a part of the famous band, Noori. The band has given us a lot of hit songs that we still love to sing along, but this time as you probably know,

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Arif Lohar no longer interested in branded music

Arif Lohar’s fame has begun long before his work made the huge impact that it did, because of his father’s achievements in the world of folk music. Since he started performing himself, Arif Lohar has mesmerised not only Pakistanis but

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