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Fabiha Sherazi Enters The World Of Acting

From assisting Fahad Mustafa in Jeeto Khelo Pakistan to becoming an internet sensation in Pakistan with her social media photos, it seems as if Fabiha Sherazi is ready to up her game in showbiz now. In a series of videos posted by

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Interesting Facts about Fabiha Sherazi !

Fabiha Shirazi is a Pakistani model who has about 200,000 followers on Facebook and similar popularity on other social media sites but she managed to come under the limelight after volunteering in Fahad Mustafa’s Jeeto Pakistan. His side kick soon started

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Fabiha Sherazi from Jeeto Pakistan takes the internet by storm

Fabiha Sherazi is a fashion model who has close to a 200,000 followers on Facebook and in similar numbers on the rest of social media platforms. She is a constant in Fahad Mustafa’s show Jeeto Pakistan and always impresses the

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