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Sami Khan On Being Pakistani Cinema’s New Favorite

Sami Khan is the hottest addition to the new age Pakistani Cinema cinema. He’s has been reigning on Television so far but he’s back to where he started from. He was an engineer but very passionate about acting so he

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Former Film Star Zeba Suspended As Punjab Censor Board Chairman

The Punjab government has suspended the Punjab Film Certification Board. The decision was made due to the government no longer being able to afford its members. The board’s chairman, former film star Muhammad Ali’s wife and an actress herself, Zeba, vice

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Sarwat Gillani Wants Films On Women For Women By The Women

Sarwat Gillani is a wonder woman in a true sense of word. Her personal life is going well as she married her college sweetheart and had two beautiful kids with him. She’s doing television and film together and she is

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Resham Reveals Her Selective Plans To Work In Pakistan

Pakistani film turned drama actress Resham has seen her fair share of good times. Once throbbing Pakistani film industry witnessed her escalation as an actress; later on becoming the charm of TV. But, she has disappeared from both silver screen

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