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Fiza Ali Is Enjoying Winter With Her Cute Daughter

Fiza Ali s a fun actress and host. We see her hosting her show Eidi Sab Ke Liye on ARY Zindagi. She has left acting in dramas but is seen often on morning shows and works exclusively as a host

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Aiman, Minal And Fiza Ali At An Event

Celebrities normally do visit different events and it has become a part of their normal work routine with the recent influx of a large number of brands and millions of people gaining access to media. The presence of celebrities does make

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Faraal Wishing Her Mother Fiza Ali On Her Birthday

Children share a very unique connection with their parents especially their mothers and that special bond is savored and cherished by them. Mothers strive to help their children to achieve greater things in life and become the best version of

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Fiza Ali Seems To Have Lost Weight After Getting Married

Fiza Ali a renowned model, actress and host used to have a chubby face but she lost a lot of weight through the years and she still seems to be doing so. She was accused of having a surgery done,

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Fiza Ali’s Relation With Her Daughter Is Simply Adorable

Mother-daughter relation has abstract emotions that can’t be explained; it’s a friendship. The relationship has the most powerful connection which only the two can understand. We see many pictures of Pakistani celebs with their kids daily, and we totally drool

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These Pictures Of Fiza Ali With Her Daughter Are The Cutest

Fiza Ali keeps on sharing how close she is to her daughter and how much she learned from her own mother. She also posts pictures and videos with her daughter which show what a close bond they share. Although, Fiza

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