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Freiha Altaf Accused Of Workplace Harassment

CEO of Catwalk Event Management and Productions, Freiha Altaf is a lady who is always in news for one thing or another. This time it is for workplace harassment. A former intern at her agency Neha Kewalramani took to Facebook

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Freiha Altaf Spotted At A Wedding

Freiha Altaf is one of the leaders of the Pakistani fashion industry. She has been very up and vocal about everything she sees around and was one of the first Pakistani women to come out and talk about the vice

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Freiha Altaf Became A Victim Of Street Crime

Karachi has been in news once again for street crime. Karachi is no doubt one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan. It is the trade hub and the city of lights. But the city has suffered so much in

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Freiha Altaf Outrageously Ridiculed People On Their Clothes!

Freiha Altaf is a huge name of Pakistani fashion industry. The former model is known for her influence on fashion in Pakistan and she really is the front-runner of the trends in our country. But do responsibility comes with power?

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