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Kinza Hashmi & Hamza Firdous in Geo’s Mariam Binte Abdullah

West is producing great television. We may not be doing as well but if we compare our TV to our neighbouring country, we are doing quite good in terms of execution. Our portrayal of issues is more realistic which is

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Sarmad Khoosat’s Manto Coming On Geo As A Drama Serial

Manto by Sarmad Khoosat had gained recognition and awards globally with the story of this creative genius who was destroyed by the very culture that necessitated him to become who he was. There was this one man who had literature,

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Teasers Of Malkin Show A Promising Story

Malkin is an upcoming drama on Geo Tv about the life of a girl who was a dancer but marries into a respectable family and hopes to be a Malkin of her husband’s house, like other women. However, her past

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