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Hira Mani Shares How Things Got Tough After Her First Pregnancy

Hira Mani revealed her love for her husband more than anything else in her interview with Samina Peerzada but she did not sugarcoat anything. Hira did not only show a bright picture of her life but also shared those dark

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Hira Mani Gets Emotional While Sharing An Incident Which Changed Her Life

Hira Mani shared every little detail of her past and present life honesty which is why people loved her interview. Among other things she shared her journey of growth and change. While talking to Samina Peerzada, Hira shared how she

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Hira Mani Was Engaged Twice And Cheated On Her Fiancé

Hira Mani literally opened up like an open book on Samina Peerzada’s show. It takes a lot of courage to accept all the mistakes you have made in the past and it is even more difficult for a celebrity to

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Hira Mani Expresses Love For Her Husband In The Most Beautiful Way

Hira Mani’s interview with Samina Peerzada started with her talking about Mani instead of her own self. This is the first time that a celebrity talked about her better half in the interview before she talked about herself. When Samina

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